Monday, April 8, 2013

Girlie bottoms......

soft, smooth, plump and made for spanking.


smuccatelli said...

Yes indeed!

Njspank said...

Adorable bottom and panty!
Just lovely as always, thanks

Anonymous said...

Oh my, how lush Veronica. Yes, my sister and I do our hubbies ! ;-)
It has always been that way for me. I was raised in a very strict, conservative, ol' fashioned household in the South (Atlanta) and from the earliest age, I was aware that the fairy-soft, alabaster-white skin on my chubby lil' botty, was where my momma would express her strict, displeasure with my feisty attitude and tantrums. Over her knee with her nasty wooden spoon or hairbrush. Oh my, what a stingy botty I endured, especially as mommy always pulled down shorts and panties and spanked on bare skin.

When I was eight, mommy bought the dreaded switch - a thin, whippy, rattan cane. Sister and I did not need to go and cut switches, the rattan version lived in the cupboard for our bare botties Veronica!! Oucheeeees!

It was scary. Dad was away on business and mom wanted no naughtiness. Both my fierce Grandma and the elderly pious neighbours talked about " not sparing the rod". That was the strict convention in Georgia in the 1960s!

Mother always bared our tender white bums for a switchin'. Quite right too Veronica. Maximum sting and maximum for two soft bottomed naughty princesses!
Mommy wad strongly against canning on upturned palms but strongly believed in caning upturned bare bottoms ! ! Mom also used to say that naughty girls would not wear gloves for a caning on palms and therefore must not wear panties for a caning on the botty !!! ... Bare skin was required for a whuppin'! I agree with my mom's stern logic for domestic discipline Veronica...although not at the time as a lil' girl. The ferocious sting was terrible (but yet harmless on a bare backside)
With the sensitive skin on our botties exposed, mom's countless flicks of the wrist allowed the switch to redden the alabaster- white canvass, building up to "the hornets nest" in a safe, controlled fashion. Oh my, what memories Veronica.

When the PC era emerged twenty years later, I was a single working girl. Yes, it was the first time that I questioned my strict upbringing Veronica. Back in the 1960s/70s bare botty whuppin's with the switchy-stick were considered normal in our house. Just part of growing up at that time.
Girly bottoms are made for spanking Veronica. And in their bare state !
Naughty Nostalgic Lil' Brenda xx