Monday, April 22, 2013

Looks like someone was spanked

I found this one on Flickr and judging from the color of her bottom a spanking must of taken place just prior to this photo. What's your opinion?


smuccatelli said...

There may be a plausible story other than a spanking to explain her red cheeks, but I prefer to think she got a good, hard, OTK spanking. Preferably with those shorts around her knees... ;-)

garyntboy said...

Either that or she sat on the camping stove !!!

Njspank said...

I go with a nice otk spanking.

henk schoneveld said...

It looks like she's about to be taken across an invisible knee!.....ghost spanking!

henk schoneveld said...

Looks like she's about to go across an invisible knee!....ghost spanking!

norwich said...

judging from what's in the background, this looks like a family garden - that's a childrens play tent, and a little kids bike behind it. Plus a garden hose and a patio.

If it is a spanking, best bet is either it was swift and she is quickly over it, or she has just been released and is running away for some solace.
Then there is the question of who the photographer is!

Of course, if it is a spanking in this setting, it may be that the recipient is not of suitable age to republish.

RobertOTK said...

She probably got a spanking for wearing such revealing shorts...

And when her shorts revealed her red bottom, she probably got a spanking for wearing such revealing shorts.

And when her shorts revealed her red bottom....

Anonymous said...

Very sexy Veronica. But more to go I feel. Red as a water melon is required for a good smacked bottom eh !?
I recall afternoons in the park with mommy, my sister and our friends and their moms.
Back in the 1960s Veronica, it was not unusual to see a naughty lil' princess taken quietly aside (or noisily !) to have her cute shorts and panties pulled down, exposing a soft, lil' white botty to receive a good spanking from an exasperated mommy. Oh my. The good ol, days Veronica !

Surprisingly my mom said that spankings were private matters and should be formal and stern in the privacy of the household. So mom did not bare our bottoms in public or spank us over clothes in public. We had to wait until we got home. Gulp !

As lil' girls, I remember that unlike this lush photo, it was quite difficult to see the results of a spanking, because we all wore those large, sensible , bathing suit bottoms, which covered our chubby backsides. We princess gang did not wear bikinis. We wore sensible, conservative 1950s swim suits. As a result we Southern belles also had fabulous tan lines, our chubby bums shielded from the sun (but not from parental spankings !!)

So at home in the 1960s/70s, sister and I always had our bottoms bared for a spanking. Our panties, jammies or bathing costumes would be pulled down to our knees. Mother smacked our bare skin with a thin, rattan switch. It was harsh and scary ! The alabaster-white skin on our behinds would be fiery red, but once the ample bathing costumes were pulled back up, there were very few red marks to be seen Veronica - despite the horent nest sting beneath !!
Also,mom did not switch our legs at all, but switching bare bottoms was considered harmless and loving (in that strict fashion)

Once we girls were back in the park or garden ( post-spanking) the evidence was generally well hidden by those retro- cute, sensible swimm suits !
Bikinis changed he spanking landscape in the late this fab pohto shows

Nostalgic naughty Lil' Brenda xx