Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday Morning Cartoon

I remember this one as a little girl.... xoxo


Anonymous said...

I remember this childhood spanking scenario well. In our family OTK bare butt spankings were the norm; most were in private, most given by our Mother, but all were deserved. When you went across Mother’s lap and the panties or briefs came down there was no escaping until the tears of remorse flowed freely. She was an expert at spanking and well she should be since she grew up in a large household where the adage “spare the rod spoil the child” was an unwritten law!
My sister, who was eleven at the time, and two years older than me, had back talked my mother; it was a mistake of monumental proportions. It seemed almost a blur to see my mother home in on my sister, grab a chair and have her bare bottomed across her lap in record time. The spanking that ensued was one I would never forget and I am very sure my sister never forgot. She wiggled, danced, and squirmed, as my mother methodically spanked her butt.
After she was reduced to tears and pleas for forgiveness; my mother stopped the spanking, but it was not over yet. My ears burned just listening to my mother lecture my sister, and when she was finished, the last round of the spanking began. Suffice it say when the spanking was finished my sister was truly repentant. I learned a valuable lesson, not to back talk my mother!

Scott Starr said...

Hi Velronica!
So do I! Did it excite you then? Back then any spanking excited me, but as time went on it was seeing girls getting spanked. I saw McLintock soon after and then I knew!
How old we're you when you got your first spanking from someone other than your parent?if you don't mind?
Scott S

Njspank said...

Nice comment!

I remember this one vividly and the feeling I got in my stomach watching it.....amazing memory, thanks.

OldFashionGirl said...

@ Scott, I was 13 and it was my Uncle Joe who spanked me. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Me too. I so loved this as a kid and seeing it originally in the 1960s. But good, bare botty spankings over mom's knee were just an esential fact of life growing up for my sister and me, so this scene was just perfectly normal...but yet still very compelling. I could certainly relate to it. Funny how we love its cuteness today and see the bare bottom element as old-fashioned ? Brenda x