Tuesday, June 25, 2013

As well it should be!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure after being punished with the paddle these two girls would think twice about shoplifting! And if they were my daughters they would be in for another round when they got home.

Njspank said...

"Now ladies, this will hurt just a tad" Ha, well done.

Anonymous said...

I would vote for this ! But if only they had felt the hard smack of the hairbrush and cane on their sensitive-skinned, chubby bare botties from their mummies and daddies when they were little brats (as I regularly did growing up !!) then I would not need to vote for it today ;-) ha-ha Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Sooooo approve Veronica. And I know you do already !

These are not my daughters, Veronica. Never !
My daughters gotten raised like me and my sister, with my mother's Ol' adage that "a stinging bottom now stops you getting into trouble when you gotten older". Don't spare the rod. Wise words, Veronica.

During their childhoods 1980s/90s when my lil' daughters gotten naughty they had to meet yours truly in the living room. I was real mad and I would stop to retrieve the the "botty smacker" aka the rattan cane, from the downstairs cupboard. No going back !

Yes Veronica, there was lots of crying and brief scolding but the process was the same. Their fate was sealed.
Two lil' pairs of hands went on heads.
Two lil' pairs of shorts gotten carefully unfastened and pulled down to knees.
Two lil' pairs of cotton panties then also followed down to knees.
Two lil' bare, sensitive botties went over the sofa and gotten a good whooping with the switch !

Oh my ! There sure was screaming and switchy-dancing, but it was harmless, kind CP from a mother who cared. My daughters and their tender bums have recovered: no misbehavior, no drugs, no lies, no stealing, no problems, no nothing ! Job done Veronica. They thank me and say "you tore our asses up mom" (what does that mean, Veronica ? I was brought-up with cute, conservative, 1950s phrases)

I only ever whooped good n sound on bare skin. Panties do not misbehave ! It was punishment after all. And botties deserved to sting bad style. And the message gotten through to my girls for sure.

I was a good, strict, loving mom. And will be a good, strict, loving grandma (I'm approaching 60 already) My own mother raised me the same very strict way. She's in her 80s already. Very fit and still discussing the virtues of CP. Oh my !

Strict 1980s Mom Brenda xx