Monday, June 24, 2013

"Don't worry, the pants will soon come down!"


Robert Stephens said...

In the kitchen... Over your jeans...... He really should be using a wooden spoon....

Anonymous said...

And indeed they should.
A punishment Spanking
I could feel the goose bumps and the slight quivering of her bottom as she lay draped across my lap. She had asked for this punishment spanking, although she had not told me why. She only elaborated that it was serious and could cause me a lot of pain and that she was truly sorry for what had happened. I would at some later date understand her misdeed and she was right it did cause me pain. But that is for another story. I must confess that I was a little unnerved by her revelation and I had explained to her a true punishment spanking would not be fun. It would be what it is, a very sore bottom with possible bruising, and most assuredly tears, but her mind was made up that she wanted, needed, and deserved this spanking.
She was wearing a short skirt that I had already flipped over her back, with a pair of pink panties underneath which I had pulled down to her mid thighs. I rubbed her bottom for a few seconds while lecturing her about a person’s trust and how easy it is to lose. I for one believe in giving people the benefit of doubt, because we all make mistakes; but that forgiveness only goes so far. An egregious error when it concerns others must never be repeated. And that was exactly the message I wanted her to understand.
I began spanking her with slow methodical spanks covering every part of her bottom. I also included some of these spanks on her upper thighs, especially where butt and the thigh come together. She lay still on my lap for a short time, but eventually pain began to get the better of her resolve. I increased the tempo until she was genuinely wiggling, squirming, and softly sobbing on my lap. I stopped momentarily and asked her if she was ever going to repeat what had happened. Through muffled sobs she told me it would never happen again.
I now picked up the hairbrush for the final part of her spanking. Once again I applied the hairbrush to every part of her bottom and upper thighs. It was a truly hard spanking and she was now writhing on my lap and crying very vocally. Her bottom was swollen and a deep shade of red. I again stopped the spanking to ask her if she had learned her lesson. Between sobs and tears her very soft contrite voice told me she would never make that mistake again and that she was so very sorry for what had happened. I believed her, but I explained that I had to be sure. I continued to spank her for a few more minutes at a much faster rate than before. My point was assuredly burned into butt and brain.
She was a mess when I raised her up from my lap. There was no doubt she was a very sorry woman. I kissed her and softly told her I forgave her; and I truly meant it. She had earned her forgiveness and the slate was clean.

OldFashionGirl said...

@ Robert: They were stretchy pants so the material is very light. xoxo

Njspank said...

Ah light pants and layers folks, layers are delight to spank over and work yourself to her glorious bare bottom, makes the spanking last much longer as well.