Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Last Day of School"

June has finally arrived and with it brought the end of the school year for Veronica and her friends. It was a sunny, warm afternoon and Veronica decided to walk home with Jake, Larry and Victor.  As they cut through the backwoods leading to Veronica's backyard Jake lit up a marijuana cigarette and began to pass it around. Around a minute had gone by when Larry saw Veronica's dad looking out from the back porch but before her dad stepped outside the boys scattered into the woods behind her house leaving Veronica alone with the joint in her hand. She did not realize that her dad was approaching and took another toke. It was too late, she was caught red handed! Se went to go inside but made it as far as the back porch when her father began to remove his belt.  He was going to strap her bottom right there and did not care who's watching. Over his lap she went and he began strapping her good.

The boys didn't get very far when they heard the sounds of the strap echoing. They hid behind a tree and saw Veronica laying across her fathers lap with her skirt pulled up getting a severe whupping.  The boys just watched as Veronica bucked, kicked and cried. Yes it was a bright sunny day in June and it's going to be a great summer.


Anonymous said...

That is a great story along with great photos. I would have loved being one of your three friends. I bet it was a topic of discussion among them for a long time.

Enzo said...

Great story indeed!
Yes to be fortune enough to be one of your friends watching from the woods....
Love the voyeuristic angle of the story.

Were you wearing a thong?

Anonymous said...

Smoking weed on the last day of school? Dad needs to give your luscious bare bottom more than one good sound spanking.


Njspank said...

Nice one, love the outdoor spankings

Chross said...

excellent series of pictures :)!

OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks... I'm glad you all enjoyed them. xoxo

Nick said...

Thanks Veronica, what a great spanking that must have been.


Anonymous said...

Strap to the bare botty -naughty daughter over father's knee. I so approve Veronica. It's the only solution for that offence !
The Great Outdoors...Ol' fashioned style ! :-)

A number of my girlfriends gotten the same punishment growing up in Georgia in the 1960s, Veronica. Southern strappings already ! The sound of a naughty daughter getting the bare skin on her backside spanked with a hairbrush, hickory stick, or strap was common back in those strict time. Oh my, it was sure part of neighbourhood, community life Veronica ! With windows open in the Georgia summer, it was clear how strict mommies and daddies dealt with naughty daughters !

And you would have heard the same sound standing outside my house when I was a lil' girl Veronica. The smacks on my bare botty were not from a strap but a rattan cane (the thin, flexible switch, which mom kept handy in the cupboard)
I screamed and cried but it was just kind, stern discipline from my loving, traditional home-making, Christian mother !!

There was no "panties up or down debate" for me and my sister growing up !!! ha-ha :-(
Oh noooo ! Boo-Hoo ! My hubby laughs at how strict my mommy was. Our whiter- than- white, chubby botties were always bared with only the briefest of formal, scary ceremonies (standing with our hands on our heads) as a matter of routine for a whuppin' with the switch.

Oh my, looking back, we daughters rubbed our red sore bums and did the "switchy dance" up to our rooms with our panties and shorts (or swimsuits) pulled back up again by mom, post-switching.. But the ferocious sting on the bare skin of our backsides was harmless and appropriate in my view. Just part of strict family values back then . And no reason to change Veronica !!?
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx