Friday, June 21, 2013

Let's welcome summer...Hooray!

Summer officially arrives today . Summer brings barbeques, beaches and picnics. It also brings vacation, camping and all sorts of outings. With that are spankings, Spankings and more SPANKINGS, oh how I love summer! Have a safe summer everyone and don't forget to tan where the sun don't shine. XoXo.


Anonymous said...

I prefer to tan that area (bottom of course) where the Sun does not shine, with hand, hairbrush, strap, paddle, and whips. Oh my!
I hope you and your husband have a great summer.

Njspank said...

I love the second one, thank you, a classic.

Anonymous said...

Botty on show ....waah ! ....just seen this Veronica. Sooooo cute middle photo. That's me with my sun tan and snow white backside Exactly as i wrote today ! Ha-ha. I was aware of its tender whiteness when mummy pulled my panties down when I was naughty. Mummy was too no-nonsense to really notice....nasty "botty smacker" rattan cane in her hand of course !! Boo-Hoo. Brennda x