Wednesday, June 26, 2013



Njspank said...

I just love the way you tuck your arms and hands on his the chair as well. Classic OTK, the best.

Anonymous said...

Yummy Veronica...soooooo love the hint of bare bottom. The glimpse of your fair-skinned backside. And the knowledge that you are being disciplined in the strict , old -fashioned way over pop's knee, with your panties pulled down.

Growing up in the 1960s and 70s, my pale pudgy rear -end was always completely bare when I was smacked by mom or dad. Without debate or exception - for the hand, hairbrush or most memorably, the cane. Panties down was normal and routine. No fuss. No big deal. Ironically, we naughty girls make more fuss now, analysing those events.

I love art and photos where a bare bottom is strictly implied, but not necessarily the main focal point. As a little girl, I loved cartoons on TV and comics, but especially bare bottom spanking images, to reflect the reality of my discipline at home. I was fascinated by the contradictions of naughty girls getting their clothed behinds tanned in the comics, and their unclothed behinds in reality !! So did my sister...and many girlfriends. Spanking was integral to family life and values in my community.

So I crave reality Veronica (even in my fantasy) a naughty little girl, I always felt the cane stinging on my bare botty. Panties pulled down was mummy's stern rule. So I particularly like art that implies the strict, old-fashioned reality of yesteryear. Brenda x