Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Morning Cartoon

I loved this one as a child, how I wished I was the Wee-Willie  Wildcat!!!

and.......... this one as an adult! XoXo


Anonymous said...

You and Wee-Willie Wildcat would have made quite a team; mischievous and always very naughty! I am sure "bottoms up" would have been an everyday occurrence for both of you.
And as the old saying goes "a leopard can't changes its spots", so as an adult your upturned bottom otk continues. And we would not have wanted it any other way. Very nice.

Njspank said...

Both are cute....ah cartoon spankings, long gone now.

Anonymous said...

Like the way stern mama holds down the naughty girl's arm, to prevent her from flinging it back over smarting bare skin. An experienced bottom smacker :-) Brenda x