Thursday, June 6, 2013

What a great spanker he was

It's the late Ed Lee doing what he loved, spanking naughty bottoms.




Njspank said...

Couple of comments if I may, he was the trailblazer of the spanking scene, great guy and he launched a number of other ladies into the spanking scene including the wonderful Shadow Lane folks. He is a classic.
This is a wonderful otk hand spanking with her panty on!! Love it but to me one of the things that made his work some amazing was the attention to detail in the spanking but also the cloths. I love this one, him in jacket and tie and her in a lovely dress, hose and shoes....just adds to the reality of the scene, almost like a husband spanking his wife before they go out to dinner, the panty, amazing. Thank you for sharing this classis otk panty spanking delivered by a spanking legend. Well done.

Aunty Andrea said...

He was definitely a legend in the scene and will be greatly missed. I think the young lady over his lap in that clip deserves a fair bit of credit because she took what was a very sound hand spanking and did not even flinch.

Anonymous said...

The spankee took a good spanking, but I find the lack of reaction of her makes the entire video disappointing.