Monday, July 22, 2013

A sore bottom for Veronica


Robert Stephens said...


Njspank said...

Just a beautiful bottom on a beautiful the ottaman!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, you have a beautifully spankable bottom!

Anonymous said...

"And now get to your room Veronica !" mummy is about to pull your cotton panties and cutey little shorts back over your stinging red bottom..."get your hands on your head Veronica !" This signals the formal end to the spanking.

Its 1973 and moments ago , mummy fetched the dreaded rattan cane from the cupboard - all because of your tantrum in the store. You ignored plenty of warnings young lady !

Mommy pulled down your towelling shorts. And then she pulled down your panties. She always did: that was the house rule. Mommy said there was no reason not to pull panties down, and no reason to smack through protective coverings. That is not
what naughty little girls deserve !

With your sensitive -skinned botty bare, the cane was safe, harmless but yet extremely effective !! Boohoo Ouchy. Mummy could create an unbearable sting and observe her actions....the whole objective of a good, smacked bottom. It made sense !

It sounds harsh Veronica, but it supported the strict philosophy of the "little deer with the bear behind" mantra; which was ubiquitous with the paddles (why should a little rattan cane be any different ?)

Now get to your room Veronica ! ;-) hugs, Brenda x