Wednesday, July 17, 2013

After my spanking...


Anonymous said...

A naughty girl with panties down, lying on her bed with a spanked bottom, reflecting on her misdeeds; mission accomplished. Oh yes, did I mention, "Hot as hell," and very sexy! Great post.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Veronica !
waiting for daddy ?...or mommy !
Oh my, as a strict, loving mom and a naughty lil' daughter (raised in the 1960s) I know that a lil' pair of panties pulled down and cool air on a naughty botty, focuses the minds of lil' princess-brats ! Especially before a spanking. Appropriately scary missy !

My hubby knows I love the frisson of a jammies down scolding and smacked bum. Yes, it's role play today but Oh my, it is based on real events when I was raised by very strict parents !
Parental punishment was usually downstairs in the living room, but of course , my younger and sister and I gotten whuppin's in our bedrooms too.

So we would find ourselves over the bed like you Veronica, bare of our chubby, whiter-than-white rear-ends, jammies around knees, waiting for the first flick of momma's terrible whippy switch. And embarrassing too - because the open windows meant the neighbours heard the scolding, the resounding swishy-thwippy-thwippy-thwacks (rattan meets bare botties, oh my) and our painful princess wailing !

Father usually spanked us in our bedrooms, simply because of returning from work. Mother was the chief botty smacker. Father was less strict, Veronica. Yes, he would always bare our backsides (this was the 1960s !!) but he would have used a hairbrush more often. But it was mommy who bought the rattan switch. And she would hand it to him if we needed punishing on his return home. Mother sometimes pulled down our jammies in advance (cool air to bare botty). But dad always pulled them down anyway. When father was really cross and tired , then sparing the "rod" on the soft, alabaster- white skin of his naughty daughters' backsides, was not his priority Veronica !!! Oh my !

Brings back lots of memories. And sexy role play with my lovely hubby
Stay there young lady, I'm fetching my trademark switchy-stick !
Strict Mom Brenda xx