Monday, July 29, 2013

Brings back memories?


Anonymous said...

Yes it does! Moms didn't always say "wait until your dad comes home;" sometimes they took care of the problem, right then and there.

Njspank said...

My mom always took care of the problem, love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Veronica...certainly does bring back memories for me and my younger sister. Veronica , you won't be surprised to hear that kept a diary full of spanking goodies : recounting events, sayings, cute and quirky things. And essentially all based on facts, with just a few princess fantasies.

Bedtime spankings were different in that sister and I had to bend over the bed together; whereas downstairs, we were smacked separately.

Mummy always pulled down our jammies, despite our howling protests, and so there were two tender, chubby white botties uncovered over the bed. Boohoo :-(

In summer, I was aware of the lovely elderly couple next door, pottering in the garden. With all my doors and windows open, they could hear every detail of two naughty daughters being admonished. Our protests, the distinctive thwack of stinging rattan against the soft, sensitive skin on our bare botties, and our raucous wailing at the sting. !!

Then curtains drawn and to bed. The neighbours would mention it tomorrow. Soooo typical of the times, when bare bottom spanking were just part of family life ! Brenda x