Sunday, July 7, 2013

Can't sit down Sunday


Anonymous said...

Such a spankable bottom! No sitting comfortably next week, naughty girl.

Male Strippers & the Bachelorette Party

Trish and Amy had gone to a friend’s bachelorette party. It was a resounding success they later told their boyfriends Trevor and Patten. But not much else about the party was talked about by the two friends. Their admission of a little too much to drink was discussed and that was the extent of their conversation about the party. It was several days later that Trevor and Patten found out what really happened and what their girlfriends had done at that party; and it was not pretty. Another friend of theirs Bob; had been shown a video made by his wife during the party. He debated showing it to his friends, but eventually decided it was the right thing to do.
When Trevor and Patten saw the video they were livid. Two well endowed male strippers along with their girlfriends were having a good time. A very good time indeed! No wonder they had chosen not to talk about it. Something had to be done to show their girlfriends how displeased they were, so they hatched a plan to have them come over for a cookout at Trevor’s house. They also made a copy of the party’s events.
Trish and Amy showed up for the cookout and Patten casually asked them to give details on how the party went. Both of their faces went white, and for a few moments neither seemed able to speak. Then the white lies started with both embellishing each others description of the parties’ events. Trevor and Patten let them talk, seemly accepting their tale of events. But when they finally finished their made up story, the guys dropped a bombshell on the girls. “We have video of the party and it sounds like it might be fun to watch.” The girls were now visibly shaking. Their “No, No, No,” protesting fell on deaf ears. The video started and the girls would not even look. The cat was out of the bag!
What happened next was intense, emotional, and eventually agreement. Trevor and Patten would each spank both girls. The girls were to accept the punishment and what followed with no arguments. They were spanked over their shorts, panties and finally on the bare. When the first spanking was over with the guys made the girls switch. The second spanking was totally on the bare. The room was filled with cries, yelps, pleas, and the steady slap of hand against luscious buttocks. They took their time and were not in any hurry and when they did finished. Each girl had a flaming red butt, and both girls were in tears. Then Trish and Amy were stripped naked and made to sit on hard straight back kitchen chairs. The infamous video played, while Trevor and Patten were entertained by two female strippers they had hired for the evening. The guys never knew if the girls learned their lesson or not, but they got revenge for the lies and betrayal. To end the night Trevor and Patten had the strippers tell Trish and Amy as they were leaving, “Payback is a Bitch!”

Robert Stephens said...

Absolutely delicious......!

Njspank said...

so beautiful, you two are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Veronica, wonderful. Jammies adjusted downstairs. An instantaneous tanning. Did you push daddy too far ? Did you rant and rave and stamp your feet?

Only one solution. I ended up over pop's knee, bare of tender botty for that good sound spontaneous attitude adjustment. Still in my jammies ! Boo-Hoo. Brenda x