Thursday, July 25, 2013

Daisy Dukes

Here is a quick preview of a wonderful outdoor spanking from Shadow Lane.
Daisy by oldfashiongirl


Njspank said...

Total classic Shadow Lane OTK. Thanks

Anonymous said...

The title escapes me, darling Veronica, but I'm pretty sure that's
Keith Jones with his hardcore NY dialect and the perfectly cast
Gretta Carlson--circa 1992. Keep 'em coming, gorgeous! :-) -JJ

Anonymous said...

Southern Switchin' 1992 and 1972 :-)

I so love this Veronica. She is such a lovely, lil', Southern cutey. But has gotten off rather lightly in my view !

Ok its 1992 but as a strict Southern Mommy, I was raised in a very strict, loving, conservative 1950s style late 1960s and early 70s. And when I was a naughty lil' daughter I didn't get smacked over shorts and panties - always on my bare botty. Very memorable ! And it was so much sterner then because the "botty smacker" was a lil' thin whippy nursey cane made of rattan. My mommy bought it to run the house gulp ! Twenty years before PC. Oh my, we forget!

Mommy's switch was nasty Veronica, but also safe and harmless. And Oh my, it works a treat on soft, sensitive, white princess bottoms ...and without a lil' pair of protective, cotton panties to ease the sting ! Strict mommies agree bare botties is the only way to administer it Veronica!

So I would like to see this cutey lil' brat put hands on her head whilst I pull down her shorts and cotton panties to knees. The rattan switch is on the sofa Veronica!

On bare skin a stingy red botty is guaranteed - That is the idea of a spanking. But I remember being a lil' humbled too, as my panties fell to my knees.
As an outdoor princess in the 1960s, the Georgia sun turned me as brown ad a berry - a deep sun tan. But I naturally had very fair and sensitive skin, and so my friends were always surprised to see that my botty was as white as snow. Especially since we lil' princesses had conservative 1950s styled bathing suits which kept our backsides soft and a dazzling shade of white ! :-)

And so for parental punishment I was conscious of my pudgy, whiter than white backside being exposed for different tan lines from the switch. Quite right too, humbling is important - but never humiliation. I found spankings for me and my sister fascinating at the time Veronica - and ever since. So this wonderful video could be improved by my strict, loving Southern mommy approach ! xx
Nostalgic Brenda xx

The Woodshed Writer said...

For any true spanking enthusiast, real, non-consensual spankings are the best. This is why I really like this video.