Friday, July 12, 2013

Granny Panties


Anonymous said...

Amy the No Nonsense Teacher
Amy, a teacher, was a no nonsense disciplinarian. She had grown up in a strict home environment. She knew the benefits of loving but strict corporal punishment. Her bottom had been “flamed” by both her Mother and Father growing up. And even now at 30 if her transgression was deemed severe enough, she could still find herself OTK for a blistering bare bottom spanking. So she fully understood what is required for a corrective spanking. The girls in her class were sometimes hard to handle, and they pushed limits and boundaries trying to get away with as much as they could. The dress code was their favorite one to break. They were all required to wear the same outfits, along with regulation under garments. It was strictly prohibited to wear any thing else, especially the under garments. It was Veronica’s mistake to think she could get away with wearing a new type of very revealing French cut panties in Amy’s classroom. And she was very mistaken to think Amy would not notice the violation!
“Veronica; come to the front of the class.” “Samantha; lock the door to the class room.” Veronica slowly walked to the front of the classroom where by now Amy had placed a chair in front of her desk. She was holding a pair of what the girls called “Granny Panties” in her hands. “Take those panties you are wearing off and put these on.” Veronica knew better than argue with her teacher, so she began to slide her French cut panties off her shapely bottom; but then she got cheeky. She wiggled her butt and turned around flashing the classroom. It was the wrong thing to do! Amy let her have her cute moment of defiance. But just as soon as the “Granny Panties” were on Veronica’s athletic and perfectly spankable bottom, she unceremoniously yanked Veronica across her lap.
The class was about to see a master disciplinarian at work. The spanking started slowly with Amy using her hand. She moved with precision across Veronica’s upturned panty clad bottom. The spanks echoed throughout the classroom. The spanking at first was not overly hard, but that was Amy’s plan. It was not that she enjoyed spanking naughty bottoms, but she thoroughly enjoyed transforming errant, naughty, and cheeky girls into well behaved young women. And she knew exactly how to accomplish that goal. The tempo and the intensity of the swats increased exponentially, and so did Veronica’s bottom as it wiggled back and forth on the steely lap of Amy. She stopped spanking for a second to remove the “Granny Panties” panties that she had made Veronica wear. What followed next was a butt warming of epic proportions. It was as if Amy was a preprogrammed robot with the mission of setting a fire on those cheeks draped across her lap. The class was mesmerized by the sight. And then Amy dropped the bomb shell.
“Samantha; bring me the bathbrush from my desk.” Amy knew from first hand experience the ferocity a bathbrush can bring to a bare bottom. That is why she brought it from home and kept it in her desk. Veronica on hearing those words, already a red face crying mess, tried to get up from Amy’s lap. But as I said, Amy was a master at discipline and how to administer it. “Your punishment would have been over if you had not pulled your cute little stunt.” “This spanking you are about to get with the bathbrush is an example to the class and yourself; do not disrespect me!”
The wailing cries, the begging for mercy, the pleas of I’m sorry I will never do anything like that again, and the cracking of hard bathbrush to scorching cheeks; I’m sure could have been heard four classrooms down. When it finally ended and Veronica was released from the vice grip of Amy, everyone knew this was not a women to be trifled with. Veronica had to stand bare bottomed in a corner for the rest of the class. She was not allowed to touch her bottom, and openly wept. I can tell you no one disrespected Amy the rest of the year, and most certainly not Veronica! Ironically Amy and Veronica later became fast friends. I wonder why?

smuccatelli said...

Or "regulation whites"...

Robert Stephens said...

Granny panties Ina very nice bottom...spankable no matter how you look at it....

Njspank said...

Well you know this is coming.....I love the panty spanking, well done and bet her bottom is a nice red when they come down.

Anonymous said...

Love the Granny pants does my hubby. I think we can all imagine you all snuggy and adorned in them Veronica ! ;-) tee-hee.

I also recall those big, thick, fleecy snuggy panties that I had to wear as a lil' girl in the 1960s ! Conservative times in Georgia called for conservative underpanties yuk yuk Veronica! Ha-ha. They were almost like bloomers Veronica (cringe) made from the local cotton fields, of course ! Go local, girls ! :-)

When I was naughty, these fleecy white cottons would have provided my sensitive botty skin (whiter than the cotton itself !) adequate protection against the lil' rattan cane ....which is exactly why my mommy always pulled them down when I needed a smacked bottom. Oucheeeees ! I'm reminiscing about baggy cotton knickers Veronica, but they were sadly always hugging my knees when I was being punished !

Switchin's were always given on our bare bums. But my younger sister and I remember the big snuggy panties under our Southern belle dresses, prior to more modern designs arriving in the 1970s. I love the retro- discussions on granny panties, both for role-play and nostalgia on my very strict upbringing.
Hugs Brenda xx