Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"I need a good spanking"

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Anonymous said...

Yes you do, a very long, slow and hard one, you naughty little minx!

A Wake up call
Steve, my nephew, had come to me at his wits end. He loved his wife, Angie, but she was being disrespectful and flirtatious even when she was with him. He needed advice and a plan. “I have an idea,” I explained to Steve; invite a friend to dinner. “Let’s see how the evening goes.” It went just as I suspected it would. His wife spent the evening making off color comments to Steve, all the while flirting with his friend. I had seen enough. We let his friend leave. Steve mentioned taking a shower before bedtime, but as usual, to make a point his wife decided to take a shower first. It could not have worked out better. When the shower stopped, I decided to walk down the hall to my bedroom. The door was partially open and there was Angie nude and lying on the bed, it was obvious she knew I would be coming down the hall. She wanted me to see her. Nudity to me is as natural as breathing air, so I was in no way shocked. But the motive behind her nudity was a different issue altogether. I called Steve from the living room. Now to start the implementation of our plan!
As Steve and I entered the bedroom, Angie looked shocked. I moved quickly to sit beside her on the bed. I pulled her over my lap, despite her protests and indignant cries. Steve sat down on the bed, placing her head and shoulders on his lap. “Angie your behavior tonight was atrocious.” “Flirting is fine, but when you do it to humiliate and embarrass Steve, it is totally unacceptable.” “We are going to give you a class in respect.” And with that I started to spank her upturned bottom; top to bottom, side to side, and when she tried to slide of our laps, I gave her some stingers on her upper thighs. Steve all the while was explaining to Angie he would not tolerate her bad behavior any longer. I spanked her luscious bottom until my hand was tired and her butt was beet red, then we switched. I held her head and shoulders and Steve continued the spanking. Her indignation and anger was gone, she was now meek, apologetic, and very tearful. “This spanking Angie is just a wake up call.” “If your behavior and attitude does not change, you can expect many more of these.” “But the next time it will be on the spot and in front of others, and with implements that will make this spanking feel like a cake walk.” “Do you understand?” She was limp and crying profusely, but managed to get out a muffed, “yes I understand.” Steve stopped spanking her, lifted her up and sat her next to him on the bed. I could see her wincing when she sat down, even though the bed was not that hard. I smiled to myself as I left the room.
I think they made love half the night, and the next morning they were all smiles, and for the first time saw I respect in Angie's eyes. Did Angie learn her lesson or was last night a prelude to coming events?