Monday, July 15, 2013

"I need a spanking!"


Anonymous said...

The Professor
Jennifer had missed class on Friday. A term paper counting twenty five per cent of her total grades was due. So I figured this would be a rude wake up call, when I would have to tell her on Monday, that it would be impossible for her to pass my class. I was surprised on Sunday morning to get a call from her. She told me that she needed to talk to me and could she come over later that afternoon. Normally I don’t allow students to visit my home, but I was curious as to what excuse she had for not turning in her paper on time. The class assignment had been “The benefits of Corporal Punishment as used throughout history.”
The doorbell rang about one in the afternoon and it was Jennifer. She was wearing a tee shirt and cutoff shorts. I invited her into the living room and point blank asked her why she had not come to class on Friday and specifically why she had not turned in her term paper. Her answer; “I don’t see the benefits of Corporal Punishment.” I found this amusing since she was so undisciplined and obviously used to getting what she wanted. So I asked her if she ever had any Corporal Punishment growing up. The shocked look on her face told me the answer. So rather than continue with that subject, I bluntly told her she would fail my class because of not turning in her assignment. Jennifer immediately tried to turn on the charm, pouting her lips, and telling that she would do anything I wanted, because she could not afford to fail. Jennifer was a very “Hot” girl; But I was not buying the act, and I told her no, I was not interested; then things got interesting.
“Well; what if you give me a real spanking so I can feel it for myself and get some insight into this whole Corporal Punishment subject.” I almost laughed out loud. This girl had no idea what a corrective spanking was about, so right then and there I decided to teach her! “Ok; Jennifer here’s the deal, write out on a piece of paper exactly what you are asking me to do and why, and date it.” Once you sign it and accept the spanking then all decisions about the spanking are mine. Do you understand? She nodded her head in agreement. Once she had signed and dated the paper, I took her hand and led her to the sofa. I pulled her down across my lap and began her spanking. I covered her entire butt and upper thighs, eliciting rising protests from Jennifer. I only spanked for 3 to 4 minutes, and then had her stand facing me so I could undo the button on her shorts. Now, she was protesting loudly, so I told her “my way or the highway,” and she fell silent. I pulled her shorts down and put her back across my knee. I increased the number and intensity of swats to her bottom. It was turning red quickly, and she was becoming much more animated and vocal. Once again I spanked her for 3 or 4 minute, and then all in one motion I pulled down her panties and really went to work on spanking her bare bottom. She bucked, kicked, yelled, and even began to curse me. This time I continued spanking her for 6 or 7 minutes and then stopped. By now her butt was beet red and she was crying. I lifted her up from my lap. Her makeup was streaked from the tears. Ok. Jennifer there is once last part to this spanking. Go into the bathroom on the right and bring me the bathbrush hanging next to the tub. She attempted to pull up her panties and shorts, but I told her no. Get the bathbrush now! Still crying she waddled to the bathroom, got the bathbrush, came back with it and lay back down across my knees. I am going to give you 30 more swats on your bottom. It is going to hurt, but you must not try to get up or cover your bottom. I had her in a flood of tears before I finished but I hoped she would learn from it. She dressed quickly and left. I had told her if the paper was on my desk by 3 O’clock Tuesday her paper would be graded just like all the others.
The Monday class was a hoot. She winced and squirmed all through the 2 hour class. But Jennifer was punctual and her paper was top notch. She later thanked me saying she wished it had happened a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Yes you do, naughty girl!

charles O'Neal said...

lovely picture and good story.
would love to see you spanked in the nude :)

Anonymous said...

Only bottoms need to be bare ?

So very sexy Veronica- my hubby will get his Southern strap.
As a lil girl growing up in the 1960s, my mother never stripped me bare for spankings. And she didn't take my top off either - not t-shirt, dress ot PJ top.
There was no need, my bottom was the target, not my back ! Haha.
And so she thought stripping was humiliating Veronica. Whereas whuppin's needed to be humbling. Not humiliating.
This was her kind, strict loving approach, typical of the South. Moms often colluded on such social values.

But oh my Veronica, don't worry,no half measures for sister or me- mommy always fully exposed the sensitive, blossom white skin on our botties to receive the lil', nursery, rattan switch !

Panties, jammies or swimsuit pulled down to our knees only-not removed-was guaranteed (and not uncommon in strict, conservative townships in Georgia at that time) and mother liked and advocated the harsh but harmless simplicity and effectiveness of bare botty switchin's for naughty daughters. The message got through to us Veronica !! Emphatically and safely!
Mommy was in complete control and humbling was achieved.
In fairness, my thick, snuggy, white 1950s' sensible panties would have provided considerable protection to my tender, fair-skinned backside. Which would have negated mommy's reason for purchasing the switch in the first place Veronica ! Boo-Hoo
Naughty Lil' Nostalgic Brenda xx