Friday, July 5, 2013

Picture of Submissiveness

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Anonymous said...

Old Atlanta, strict ol' Georgia times...

Delicious photo Veronica. In ancient times (I mean the late 1960s, early 70s haha) domestic discipline could be very strict. Smacked bottoms for naughty daughters were conventional wisdom, and the moms talked about it lots !

Growing up in Atlanta's suburbs, my sister and I got sound switchings on our bare bums. It was just normal. Other girly friends got the paddle, hairbrush or strap; but our mom bought a thin, rattan switch.

When we were very naughty, we expected to feel the ferocious ( but safe and harmless) sting of the cane on soft, white nether skin - with our dresses raised, our panties pulled down and our botties completely bare. It was routine and appropriate punishment for naughty little madams back then. Baring our little, chubby, tender backsides was automatic and instant ...just part of mummy 's process for our discipline. Spankings and bath times both required a bare botty !! sister and I still joke. Yes, it was a bit traumatic at the time, but it did us good, and sister and I have been happy successful girls.

In the 1990s, when PC ruled, trying to explain my strict upbringing to girls who were not spanked - not from the South, younger and from say, northern Europe - was fascinating. I accepted why they didn't understand whuppin' s Veronica !!

But as you know, Georgia was very strict for naughty daughters in the 1960s and additionally, my mom n pop were already in their late 30s by then. Older and stricter.

They simply believed in loving, caring but strict old -fashioned approaches. Sounds strange today ( and even in 1990s) but of course it's fascinating for me looking back via your lovely blog ...and my little princess' diary of course. Hugs and smacks. Lil' ol' Brenda xx