Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday morning cartoons

How I loved this lil' mouse growing up.


and for the adults...


Anonymous said...

I love your post's.
A Very Mad Dad
Veronica I’ve had it with you. “This is the second night this month you have come in past your curfew.” “And I am telling you, that is not acceptable.” “You are 3 hours late and I’ve been worried sick.” Of course Veronica started with her usual excuses immediately. But I cut her short. “I don’t want to hear anymore from you.” I am going to deal with this problem right now! I let her slide the first time she was late, but not this time. And it was not just the coming in late that I was angry at, her general attitude lately had been bad. I guess she thought she was too old for the type punishment I gave her when she was younger. But she was about to find out how wrong she was
I calmly walked over and took her by the hand leading her into the kitchen. She began protesting immediately, “I am too old to be spanked Dad.” “I don’t think so,” I told her. “When you act like a child you will be treated like a child.” I pulled a chair from the table, sat down, and flipped her over my knee. Now the little girl voice started pleading with me not to spank her. It was “Daddy please don’t spank me, I won’t be late again.” My answer was short, “I know you won’t.”
I did not notice the shortness of her skirt when she came through the front door because I was so upset and angry. Across my lap her skirt did not even cover the bottom part of he cheeks. And guess what kind of panties she was wearing, a freaking thong. “I’m going to tear your butt up girl, and you will be grounded for a month.” No more talking, no more lecturing. I began covering her bottom with spanks, and in no time the pleas started again from Veronica. “Please Daddy, I promise I won’t be late again.” “Veronica, it is too late, I am going to finish what I started.” I hand spanked her long and hard, she was like an eel wiggling on my lap with tears and sobs galore. Her bottom was flaming red when I stopped spanking her. I lifted her up to a sitting position on my lap. It was like Déjà vu, I flashed back in my mind to when she was younger, when after spanking her; I had always held her in my arms and told her how much I loved her. She would cry on my shoulder. And I would always tell her she was a good girl, but she had done something she should not have done and that was why she was punished. We were there now.
“Veronica I’m sorry and I love you dearly, but we have one more part to this punishment.” “Go upstairs to your bedroom and wait for me, I’ll be there shortly.” I gave her 10 minutes to compose and recover from the hand spanking. I went upstairs and headed straight to the bathroom. The oak hairbrush was on the counter. I picked it up and went to her bed. She had changed into her pj’s, but left the bottoms off. She was very meek as I pulled her over my knee, she softly said: “I’m sorry Daddy; I did not mean to worry you.” “I am sorry too Veronica, but you have earned this punishment.” “I do not expect anymore bad behavior from you, is that understood.” She nodded her head yes. I applied that oak hairbrush to her already tender cheeks, leaving no spot untouched. I’m sure Veronica had forgotten how much pain the dreaded hairbrush could inflict, but I certainly refreshed her memory. When I stopped the hairbrushing, she lay limp across my knees. Once again I lifted her up and sat her on my lap. This time I just let her cry, while I rubbed her hair, softly telling her it was over and all was forgiven. Once her crying and sobbing had stopped, I tucked her into bed, and kissed her forehead. I imagine she slept on her tummy!
Veronica was a changed girl after that spanking, and we became even closer than we had been before it occurred. And one last note, she never missed curfew again!

Njspank said...

Loved it too.....

Anonymous said...

Love the last, modern Japanese cartoon showing a strict, loving ol' fashioned mommy.
Such mommies were common in Georgia when I was a lil' girl in the 1960s/early 70s. The suburban moms held coffee mornings and we princess-daughters enjoyed playing. But we kept an ear to the ground because the subject of spanking and bare, smacked bottoms usually featured. It was cringing, scary and exciting Veronica.
My mommy (now in her eighties)was a good ten years' older than some moms and had very strict (and also loving) views on domestic discipline and moral codes for her daughters. Mom was in her late thirties and forties when she raised us without "sparing the rod". Or in actual fact, without sparing the lil', whippy, rattan switch, which she kept handy in the cupboard. Gulp !

Under my mom's recommendation, some moms also purchased identical lil' switches for their own daughters. And other moms talked about paddles, hairbrushes and straps. Or a indeed a firm hand. Strict times Veronica!

My mother always elaborated in detail, saying how she always pulled my panties down to punish naughty Brenda on her lil' bare white botty ! Oucheeeees. Without exception or compromise ! Most mommies agreed. Whuppin's on sensitive, bare naughty bottoms were common in those strict, conservative times Veronica. And for my strict mom, giving whuppin's on my bare-skinned botty were routine and necessary (same punishment for my younger sister)

Southern, traditional, ol' fashioned, harsh and fair Veronica. They did me good! Mommy was stern but caring in her nurturing. Well before PC Veronica.
Nostalgic Brenda xx