Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Who's That Brat In The Mirror?"

"VERONICA WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING" Tony yelled! "Why is the light on and why are you staring at yourself in the mirror instead of sleeping?" Veronica looked at Tony and rolled her eyes. She knew it was 2am but she just had a nightmare, the worst nightmare any girl could have.... she was old and wrinkled! Not paying Tony any mind she reached for her lipstick and began applying it. "What the hell, did you hear me woman. Shut the light off and go to bed, NOW!" "No!" she replied. "I had a dream that I was getting older and uglier and I want to make sure that I'm still pretty." Tony had heard enough, he reached for a slipper and took Veronica across his lap for a good old-fashioned spanking. "How dare you disrupt my sleeping young lady. Now you'll get a damn good spanking." Tony was upset and rightfully so, he has to get up for work in three hours. "I don't want to see an old lady staring back at me when I look in the mirror" Veronica stammered. It was obvious that Veronica was not learning her lesson. Then Tony noticed the full length mirror and had an idea. He lifted Veronica off his lap and put her back across his knee but this time she was facing the mirror. "Take a good look at the mirror", he said. "The only person I see is a spoiled brat!!!" He then continued to spank her. Veronica glanced at the mirror and saw herself over her husbands lap like a juvenile. She was embarrassed but yet felt young again. She could see her long brown hair flying about and her feet as she kicked. She saw her tears as she quietly cried and all this made her feel young again, like a child getting a good spanking over a parental lap in the middle of the night. Once the spanking was over Veronica went back to the mirror and rubbed her sore bottom. "It was only a dream" she thought, "but this spanking is as real as it gets."


Anonymous said...

Great story and photo's.

Njspank said...

Nice long spanking, love the panty, thank you for sharing.