Friday, August 9, 2013

Birching the bottom


Anonymous said...

Quite painful but at the same time it can also be very erotic. Of course in the old days if it were for punishment it would be extremely painful!
The Alien Spanking Joyride
The 3 teenage male aliens were out joyriding to plant earth. They were from planet X and humanoid just like the inhabitants of earth. They had heard many stories about the strange customs of humans on earth. But one that fascinated them was spanking. Earth women were known for their beauty so the thought of a bare bottom over their knee was erotic to say the least, to these hot blooded males. And their aim was to educate themselves. They were going to search until they found her, and find her they did.
Her name was Veronica, and in their scouting, she was picked. because of her beauty and love of spanking. They materialized in her room; she was lying on her tummy wearing a sexy teddy. They immediately, through mind control invaded her dreams, making everything that would happen seem like a very lucid dream. One of the young aliens pulled her panties down slightly and gave her an injection in her bottom. This was to make her feel tranquil and to elevate sensitivity of her skin and nerve endings. They did not have much time and the experiment would have to move quickly. They all transported to their ship. Once on the ship they started the experiment. Veronica was aware of everything but only in a dream state. They quickly removed her teddy, and then just as quickly removed their own clothing. They wanted to feel her heat against their own skin.
The first alien placed her across his knee and began spanking her as he had seen earthlings do it before. He covered her bottom, leaving no spot untouched. He marveled at how the color changed from pink to crimson. With skin and nerve endings acutely sensitive, Veronica was wiggling and squirming all over his lap, she was making guttural sounds, and began to shed tears because of the mounting pain. The scene was so erotic and sexually charged it caused a sensation to build in him that he had not ever felt before! It was so pleasurable that the second alien had to stop him, due to time constraints. Now it was his turn. He had seen her be spanked with a hairbrush so he had taken one from her room to use on her. He commenced to lather her bottom with sharp cracks from the hairbrush, once again covering her entire bottom. Now Veronica was literally dancing on his lap, and he began to feel sensations that were extremely pleasant also. She was crying and protesting the hairbrushing but the aliens knew from her thoughts that she was indeed thoroughly enjoying her spanking.
Now, it was the third alien’s turn to spank this luscious earthling’s bottom. And since Veronica’s bottom was quite ravaged, he spanked her with his hand. He had her virtually “lap dancing” across his knee. He took liberties the others had not, he rubbed her fiery and scorched bottom; feeling the heat and texture of her writhing bottom, felt the roundness of those exquisite cheeks, felt her quivering, all while monitoring her thoughts. And what thoughts they were! He was so caught up in the virtual reality of her thoughts that he had an “accident.” The other two alien friends were spellbound. The third alien by now was spent and so was poor Veronica’s bottom. They gently laid her on her tummy, and each one rubbed a cream on her cheeks, savoring the feel of her bottom. They would have outright healed her bottom, but they knew Veronica in her dream state wanted this feeling to last.
The three dressed Veronica and transported her back to her room. Their trip home was full of lustful thoughts, and they vowed to return, and next time they would include sex in their experiment, Veronica woke the next morning thinking “Wow what an erotic dream and with three hot guy’s,” but she could not understand why her butt was so sore! Was it a dream?

Robert Stephens said...

Nice bitching..... Even better that its OTK....!

Njspank said...

Never felt the birch but did watch a birching right in front of me....looks incredible!