Sunday, August 11, 2013

Can't sit down Sunday

"Scream louder so all the neighbors can hear you get a good spanking."


Anonymous said...

I'm sure even your screaming would be sexy! Judging from you grip on the chair leg, the neighbors will certainly hear the spanking. I love the photo, especially your facial expression. Oh to be a fly on the wall and see it first hand!

Anonymous said...

Not to hog your comment section, but I could not resist.
The Fly
I could hear the yells from Veronica, heard the crack of an angry hand smacking a bare bottom. The sound is unmistakable; screaming pleas and protests, sobs and moans, but the incessant spanking continued. I crept to the door to get a full view. There was Veronica across Tony’s knee. I had heard the spanking from my home next door, and wanted to see it first hand. Veronica’s beautiful face contorted, red and tear stained. It was a sight to behold. I had heard about their spanking escapades, but I had never witnessed one. I was memorized by the sights and sounds, to just say it was erotic would not give the scene justice. The spanking stopped and I was about to let myself out, when a crack and a yelp almost made jump out of my skin. The spanking was not over. When I looked back inside I saw Tony applying a hairbrush to Veronica’s already angry red bottom. The hairbrush repeatedly rose and fell on her upturned bottom. Veronica’s screams, pleas, and sobs, did not stop the onslaught of hairbrush to her already tender cheeks. Finally Veronica gave up the screaming and protesting. I guess she resolved herself to taking the spanking until Tony felt she had been chastised enough. The spanking did not last more than a minute or two after that. Tony lifted Veronica up and sat her on his lap. He was talking to her but I knew that conversation should be private so I left.
Later seeing Veronica out at their patio wincing and squirming in a chair, I could not resist calling out to her, “do you have ants in your pants.” She smiled and replied “in a manner of speaking, yes I do!”

Robert Stephens said...

You must have been an awfully naughty girl on Saturday night to get such a hard spanking on Sunday morning......!