Friday, August 23, 2013

Fathers who spank their daughters!


Anonymous said...

Love the post, such a naughty spankable bottom, yum!
The Test
“Veronica why do we have to keep going through this same ritual of you disobeying me, and then me having to lecture and discipline you?” “This is my final warning, if you disobey me one more time I am going to spank your bare bottom, like I used to when you were a naughty young girl.” “And let me warn you up front, it will be with the ping pong paddle that you always hated.” “Just because you are 18 don’t think that I won’t.” “You are acting like a spoiled brat and I’m tired of it.” “I love you baby but you are grounded for this weekend, and there will be no exceptions.”
Friday night rolled around and I was blissfully unaware that Veronica had already sneaked out of the house to meet her boyfriend. I probably never would have know except she received an unexpected phone call, and when I went to her room to have her answer the call she was gone! I was very upset and angry but I just waited for her to return home, I was going to take care of this once and for all.
It was 2:00 AM when I heard the door open. I was sitting in the dark so I am sure Veronica thought she was home free. “Turn the light on Veronica.” She turned on the light and looked in my direction. I rose from the sofa and walked up to her, took hold of her arm and led her back to the sofa. I placed her across my knee, and started to spank her. She was wearing cutoff jean shorts and I am sure it probably wasn't really hurting that much. But I didn’t care because this was just a warm up to what was coming. After a few minutes I told her to stand up and remove her shorts, which she did. I pulled her back down and started the spanking once again. I told her I was disappointed that she had so flagrantly defied me, all the while smacking her bottom. I stopped long enough to pull her panties down and resumed the spanking, but with ever increasing intensity.
Veronica had been virtually silent up to now, but this third round of hand spanking which was applied to her bare butt was beginning to have the desired result. There were small yelps of pain, and she was winching and squirming across my lap. The last 2 or 3 minutes of the spanking was not only fast and furious, but very hard swats to her athletic upturned bottom. When I finished she was softly sobbing. “Go stand in the corner, I will take you upstairs and finish this spanking with the ping pong paddle.” I went to the closet, retrieved the ping pong paddle, grabbed a contrite Veronica by the arm and led her upstairs to her bedroom. I sat on the edge of her bed and pulled her once again across my lap. Now Veronica was pleading that she had learned her lesson, but it fell on deaf ears. “When you were younger I gave you twenty swats with the paddle, but you are much older now, so I am going to give you forty.” I immediately started applying the paddle to her already very red and tender bottom. I took my time. I wanted her to feel the humiliation of an almost grown girl, draped across her father’s lap being spanked like a naughty child. Each swat was applied with vigor, and placed across every part of her bottom. By the time the last swat landed, she was crying profusely. “Now Veronica I want you to go and stand in the corner for 15 minutes.” “Do not touch you bottom.”
I came back into the room and she was still in the corner. “Ok Veronica, you can come and lay on the bed.” She was still crying softly and her bottom was cherry red as she lay face down on the bed. I softly rubbed her hair. “I am sorry I had to do that, but you left me no choice.” She looked up into my eyes and told me she was sorry and that she had deserved the punishment. I hugged her and then left the room. I did not find out till much later that she had purposely gone out knowing I would catch her. She had been testing me, just like she had as a child.

Anonymous said...

"Fathers who spank their daughters". I should give this to my hubby Veronica. But it was me that gotten that job back in the day. I am the strict disciplinarian in our house !

My father was a kind, loving hero. But yes, he tanned my hide when I needed it, as a naughty lil' one. Most fathers did back in the early 1960s in Georgia. It was just part of normal family life. He spanked me over his knee, bare botty (always) and with his hard hand or hairbrush. Same for my lil' sister. But dad was away a lot with work, and mom was the far stricter disciplinarian. She was the chief "botty smacker", Veronica. Mommy used a hairbrush or wooden spoon on bare skin. And then she gotten a thin, rattan cane in mid-1960s ("the switch" in Atlanta Southern speak)

The switch lived in the cupboard. Punishment was quite spontaneous, or when we gotten home from the mall or park already. It took place in the living room. We were just dressed in the clothes that we were in....but our botties gotten bared, every time. We never gotten spanked naked Veronica, just our bottoms bare, panties or jammies around knees.

After brief. scolding, we had to put our hands on our heads while mommy purposefully undid our shorts and pulled them down to our knees. Our large, 1950s traditional, white cotton panties then gotten pulled down to our knees ! If we were wearing dresses, with our hands on our heads, mom would stoop down and slip her hands under my dress and tug the waistband of my cotton white underpanties down to my knees. Then she would raise my dress to expose my bare, alabaster-white botty and Georgia tan-lines (Oh my !) when I was bending over the sofa ! Our bare bums gotten a good whipping ! :-(

In the early years dad spanked us (bare bottomed) over his knee and he then chiefly gotten our mom to punish us with the switch ! Dad did sometimes punish us with the switch, but rarely. Fabulous magazine cover Veronica,. You are such a naughty daughter !
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx