Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'm still waiting.... It's been a week now!


Robert Stephens said...

You're kidding.... You wouldn't wait more than 5 minutes for me to show up with my spanking belt....!

Anonymous said...

We can remedy that problem. Wait no longer, your wish is my command, just rub your magic lamp, you naughty sex kitten! Do you want it fast and hard or slow and intense? Or my pick both!

Anonymous said...

A little fun story!
The Game
Veronica and her husband had agreed on a new game. Neither knew exactly when it would happen in real time. The opportunity just had to be there. Unfortunately it had been a week and still the game had not been played. Veronica was frustrated, but her husband Tony was more patient, he knew the buildup would make it that much more exciting. So he was in no hurry. But as chance would have it, Monday turned out to be the day; Veronica had taken a vacation from work, to unwind. Tony got up and went to work or so she thought. He actually had taken the day off also, he just did not tell Veronica. All the pieces and players were in place
It was 9 in the morning, Veronica was wearing a short night gown minus the bottom, laying on the bed, day dreaming; when from nowhere a shadowy figure pounced on her from behind. To say she was shocked would have been an understatement. Before she could utter a sound, a piece of duct tape covered her mouth. Her eyes were blind folded. Next her hands and feet were bound. She was helpless and terrified. The game was the furthest thing on her mind! She assumed it was an intruder; but she was shocked even more, when a Godfather type voice began speaking to her, “how dare you tease all your male neighbors by sashaying your naked voluptuous body in full view of them.” “With bare bottom spankings going on almost daily;” you keep them so horny they felt it was time to pay you back.” “Of course you will never be able to prove any of this, and I don’t think it would be in your best interest to try.” The raspy and deep voice drawled. “I have been video taping your antics for a while, so if you don’t want my tape to find its way to a news station, you will keep quite about this incident.” And with that he unceremoniously dumped her over his lap.
“They are paying me to blister your butt, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.” “I’m taping this, and each neighbor will get a copy for their own personal use.” The stranger wasted no more time with talk. He began to systematically apply his hard hand to those creamy cheeks of Veronica’s. Swat after swat his hand rose and fell. Pink slowly turned to red, then to crimson. But intermixed with those swats, fingers where exploring her totally accessible and unprotected sex. Muffled moans and pleas were coming from Veronica but nothing stopped his relentless hand tattooing her bottom, or stopped his invasive fingers. “I can see even in this predicament you are enjoying this spanking.” He chuckled; then he stopped momentarily, but it was short lived. When the first crack of the hairbrush landed on her already sore and hurting bottom, she almost flipped off his lap.
Veronica was in a state of confusion, the pent up frustration of not being spanked was gone, because her butt was on fire, but it was because of a stranger, and there was something else. Why did this stranger, who was roasting her butt with teeth ratting swats from the hairbrush, and his probing fingers seem so familiar. It was too much for her to think about, all she could focus on was her bottom burning as if hot coals had been dumped on it. Then the spanking stopped.
He picked her up from his lap, laid her face up on the bed, enjoying her wincing and squirming from the pain. He had indeed blistered her butt as he had promised. “Now Missy I am going to have some real fun with you.” He left the blindfold in place, but he removed the tape holding her legs, wrists, and removed the tape from her mouth. But before she could scream, he kissed her; when his lips touched hers, instantly Veronica knew who it was, her husband Tony. The rest is censored!

Njspank said...

No way.....wow, your bottom must be lonely!

Anonymous said...

Veronica, the smack of the lil' nursery cane on your bare bottom is going to be a familiar sound in this house, young lady, mommy is sick and tired of your attitude and behaviour!
Yes, I know it will sting on a bare botty, that's the idea my girl, that's why I lifted you nightie. It will teach you a lesson !

And in the summer Veronica, the neighbours could hear my crying and wailing and the harsh smack of rattan on the bare skin of my backside ! Not that my mom was worried - she considered the neighbours part of the family and they too believed in not sparing the rod for naughty daughters Veronica!!

At bedtime when I had been naughty or not going to sleep, mom would come upstairs and swish the thin, whippy switch in the air. She was livid. It was scary and I would be quivering and pleading not to be spanked!
All pleas were ignored Veronica - mom was extremely strict. She would always pull my jammies down and applied the switch to my exposed, white botty. No compromise. Mom did not tolerate wishy washy approaches to smacked bottoms! Oucheeeees. In fairness a bare backside made whuppin's perfectly safe and made a vicious sting very easy - which is the whole point. Bare red bottoms were an essential part of family life for sister and me, and for our princess friends too Veronica. Georgia in the 60s was incredibly strict. Oh my a centre of smacked bottoms !

So I'm going to treat you the same Veronica and tan your lil' bare botty til it's as red as a tomato boo-hoo xx it's what naughty daughters deserve!
Strict Mommy Brenda xx