Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday morning cartoons

From around the world...

Adult swim presents...


Njspank said...

Cute bare bottom spankings, thank you

Anonymous said...

Veronica, I sooooo love the non-PC style of the animated Japanese first cartoon - strict mommies smack bare botties. Period ! It so reminds of the strict, non-PC world of my upbringing in Georgia in the 1960s/70s.
As a lil' girl I was fascinated to talk about spankings with my princess friends, and to hear about their own punishments. Spankings were part of everyday life for daughters back then.

Moms talked about domestic discipline of we lil' brats in the store and at coffee mornings.
Spankings also meant bare bottom spankings for most of our peers too. A few girls gotten smacked over clothes but most of my buddies got it bare botty - with hairbrushes, straps, paddles, spoons, canes and switches featuring in different households. The Strict South Veronica !!

I saw the "little deer bear behind" paddles in the store. As lil' girls, mom would point them out to us. Spanking in the media and world at large could not be avoided. In the privacy of our home, for sister and me, our botties were always bared for punishment. Mom used a bendy, thin, rattan cane, "the switch". On bare skin it was absolutely safe but oh my, ferociously stingy. That was the whole idea of punishment, as mom strictly told us!

Our panties and dresses provided unnecessary protection to our senstivie we always got it on our tender, bare-skinned backsides. That was the way in our 1960s' strict house. A proper smacked bottom Veronica. No PC. No nonsense. Very strict and very simple. Sister and I did not expect our panties to stay up for a switchin' from mommy....and they never did.

So Just like this cartoon, I like this ol' fashioned, strict, non-PC nature of it.
Brenda xx