Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Thank you sir, may I have another"


Anonymous said...

Yes you can! Somebody is going to have a very sore bottom, and sitting on a hard school desk all day will be a reminder not soon forgotten!
The example
The Principal had caught Veronica (captain of the cheerleading team) smoking next to the gym. He led her to his office. Once inside the office he explained she was supposed to be an example for teammates and for the students at large. Therefore she would have to relinquish her title as captain of the cheerleaders and in addition might very well be removed from the team altogether. Veronica was beside herself, “please Principal Britt, I will take any other punishment but that!” “Ok Veronica if you agree to my punishment, then things will remain as they are.” “But understand this; your punishment will be severe.” Veronica quickly nodded her head in agreement. Principal Britt explained she would receive 12 licks with the paddle. She would take them without complaint, and she would not move or try to get up from the desk. After the paddling was over you will stand in the corner for 15 minutes, and you will not be allowed to rub your bottom. Veronica was visibly shaken, but once again nodded her head in agreement.
The Principal had his assistant to round up the rest of the cheerleading team. Once all of them were in his office he told them about what had happened. Veronica has agreed to this punishment and all of you are to witness what happens when you flagrantly disobey school rules. “Veronica, come over here and bend across my desk.” Veronica complied and bent over the desk. Her short skirt was flipped over her back by Principal Britt. But she was not expecting what he did next. He pulled her panties down to knees. When Veronica began to protest this humiliation, Principal Britt in a thundering voice told her to stop talking and accept this punishment or she was off the team. In a very meek voice Veronica told him “yes sir”.
Principal Britt took a vicious looking paddle from his desk, and positioned himself for the proper application of the paddle to Veronica’s bare bottom. Once again Veronica was in for a surprise, because he slowly rubbed her butt with the paddle. It was the calm before the storm. Goosebumps were all over her bottom when he landed the first swat to her cheeks. It was a loud crack and made all the girls in the room jump. To Veronica’s credit she took the paddling better than most. But a paddle delivered by a sturdy Principal soon had her sobbing and emitting involuntary groans after each lick landed on her shaking behind. Principal Britt rubbed her butt each time before giving her the next swat up until he reached number 9. “Now Veronica I am going to finish this up.” The last three were by far the hardest, no rubbing, and no break between them. The room was silent after the last swat landed on Veronica’s ravaged butt; except the sobbing coming from Veronica. “Have you learned your lesson about breaking school rules Veronica,” “Yes sir I have” Veronica answered in a quaking voice.
Her bottom was extremely red and swollen. Principal Britt admired his handiwork for a minute or two, and then in a much softer and more compassionate voice told Veronica she had taken her punishment well. “Have all of you girls learned not to break school rules.” A resounding “yes sir,” chorused from the girls.
After that severe paddling you have thought Veronica would have learned her lesson, but not Veronica. She would find herself over that desk many more times before she graduated. And that suited Principal Britt just fine; he loved paddling that luscious bottom of hers!

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