Thursday, August 1, 2013

"The Girl In The Striped Panties"

I could hear Tony talking outside to the HVAC guy so I looked out the window. "Damn he's cute" I thought! The HVAC man reminded me of Brat Pitt with dirty blond hair and a dimple when he smiles. Now I felt naughty and flirty so I took off my jeans and leaned over the couch watching Mr. Pitt (it's what I'll call him) work. Our eyes met and he waved but I just blushed and looked away. When Tony came inside he yelled, "WHY ARE YOU HALF NAKED LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW AT THE HVAC MAN! Put you jeans back on right now!" I sat on the couch and began to pout, "no, I feel hot" is all I could say. "THE ONLY PART OF YOU THAT'S GOING TO FEEL HOT IS YOUR ASS" he exclaimed! SMACK! SMACK!! SMACK!!! His hand landed on my panty covered behind. Tony then yanked my stripe panties down to reveal my plump bare bottom and... SMACK! SMACK!! SMACK!!!! I knew Mr. Pitt could hear the slaps landing on my bare bottom and I grew moist just knowing that he did. I kicked my legs so hard that my stripe panties flew off and landed on the ground. SMACK! SMACK!! SMACK!!! I cried, kicked and moaned all at the same time until my spanking was over. I then leaned over to pick up my panties and thought... "Mr. Pitt will never forget the girl in the striped panties."


Anonymous said...

I am sure you made "Mr. Pitt's" day, you certainly made mine. I love the story and photos.

Njspank said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, what a lovely otk spanking on those beautiful panties, love it and followed by your amazing bare bottom!
Awesome, thank you for the panty spanking.

Jamie said...

Beautiful and well deserved as always