Monday, August 19, 2013

Waiting is the hardest part


Anonymous said...

Or perhaps the best part.

Anonymous said...

Yes you naughty girl, it is! But with your delectable upturned bottom, and that sultry look, I suspect you might have to wait just a little longer. Waiting adds to the anticipation and intrigue of what is coming!

Anonymous said...

Wait for Me
Tonya I am tired of your back talk and attitude. “Get your butt upstairs, take your clothes off, and wait for me!” Tonya scurried up the steps to the bedroom. I was fuming to say the least. This confrontation had been brewing for awhile, now it was time to take corrective action. But,I was in no hurry; I know how much she hates waiting. She wants the punishment to be over with quickly, but I had other plans. Sometimes her spanking is needed immediately to emphatically make a point, but in most cases giving her time to think about what is coming is much more effective! The mind is a powerful tool when it comes to taming a naughty and bratty girl like Tonya. So I went about my business and let her wait. Although, I did silently make one trip by her room to make sure she had complied with what she had been instructed to do. She was lying on the bed naked, face down, and I could not resist walking up next to her and whispering in her ear; “when I finish with that naughty bottom of yours, you will have a hard time sitting for the next few days.” Her bottom was visibly shaking as I walked out of the room. I smiled to myself.
One hour later I went into her room. I was carrying the mahogany hairbrush she so dearly hated. As I sat down on the bed I ordered her to get across my lap. She complied and did not begin her normal pleading for forgiveness. She had to have known it was much too late for that. “This spanking my dear Tonya is one you will remember.” “I am fed up with your bratty behavior.” And with that I started her spanking. I did not start out with the hairbrush, I just moved methodically across her upturned bottom with my hand. I was slow and deliberate, letting each spank have time to achieve the desired effect on her voluptuous cheeks, savoring each swat. She had earned this spanking and I was going to enjoying giving it to her. I soundly spanked her bottom for at least five minutes. By then she had shed a few crocodile tears and voiced quite a lot of pleas that she had learned her lesson. But I had heard all that before.
Now it was time to get down to real spanking! She let out a groan as I picked up the hairbrush. “Make sure you remember this spanking the next time you have the urge to act like a brat.” The first swat with the hairbrush most assuredly got her attention. I spanked every part of her butt and upper thighs with that hairbrush, leaving no part untouched. The crocodile tears quickly became real. And for the next several minutes a wild fire was burning on her bottom. I applied the last two stingers for good measure. I lifted her up to a sitting position on my lap, and asked her if she had learned her lesson, and she quickly and honestly told me she had. I left the room and let her compose herself.
When she deserves a spanking I certainly enjoy giving it to her. But the complete change in her attitude from brattiness to becoming sugar sweet, and a totally sensual tigress is what I really enjoy, so let the fun begin!

Robert Stephens said...

I wouldn't leave you waiting for long Veronica.....

Njspank said...

Lovely picture....what do you think about, knowing you will be spanked but knowing you love being spanked?
Thank you

JD in Houston said...

Yes, but it is ALSO the sexiest, sweetest, and HOTTEST part! The anticipation on the part of both the spanker and the naughty girl waiting to BE spanked, is an indescribable feeling like no other. I would have her wait quite a while in this position, then when I finally did enter the room, I would made certain she could hear me in the closet selecting just the right belt, which I would then fold in half and snap a couple of times, just to see if I could see her cute little upturned fanny quiver in heightened anticipation! Damn, I need a cigarette...and I don't even smoke!

Anonymous said...

Another lush shot of you Veronica :-) so lush !

My hubby agrees that I over analyse everything, including the bottom baring process. But my spanking philosophy was codified early on, by my very strict, old-fashioned upbringing in a traditional Southern household. My sister obviously concurs with me, and whilst I vividly recall spankings (and wrote my lil' princess' diary) their very strict but cute nature does seem a little incongruous by today's standards. This was decades before the naughty step (what is that all about Veronica ?) but it often feels like centuries retrospectively.

For sister and me, when very naughty, having our panties adjusted slightly and our botties completely bared for a switching was a normal part of growing was just simple, routine, proper punishment - albeit harsh !! Mother, when very cross had no qualms about fetching the little, thin rattan switch, pulling our panties down and reddening our chubby, lil' bare bums when we deserved it. And she talked about it with other moms too...that was the culture in the community in Atlanta 's suburbs in the 1960s and early 70s. Bare bottom whuppin's back then Veronica were almost State sanctioned!! Haha

We had to put our hands on our heads while mummy slipped our shorts and panties down to our knees. She didn't take our panties off - there was no need. Humbling is a crucial part of strict but loving discipline...but never humiliation. Mummy was in control and she meant business. With my botty bare, I felt like a naughty girl, which was the whole point.
Sensitive, unprotected skin allowed for kind, safe, but appropriately nasty stinging smacks to be administered. And after, with our hands back on our heads, mom pulled our panties and shorts back up, gave us a hug and sent us to our rooms. Punishment was formal and necessary and I've always supported my mummy 's strict approach in subsequent and recent discussions.

Brenda xx