Monday, August 12, 2013

What a perfect opportunity..... to let the Spankers loose!


Anonymous said...

Yes it is; pull those cheerleader bottoms and panties down, and place a sign next to her, "Spank this naughty girl's bottom, she deserves it!" Of course take pictures of the spanking to show her later.

Enzo said...

Such a perfect position!
And such a great idea to capture the memories!
Great find.

Anonymous said...

Bare Botty gotten a switchin' !

As a strict Southern mom, surrounded by strict Southern moms (all my life) I would have to go and cut a nice whippy green switch already Veronica. Oh my, I cannot ask this naughty missy to fetch her own switch ha-ha !

For sure, I will raise her lil' gym skirt and pull down her panties, and maybe even discover some tan lines and a fairest, lily-white botty Veronica - to make it even more retro and strictly Ol' fashioned.
I will whip her bare behind a good'un. And her princess wailing will echo around the changing rooms. The naughty lil' madam !

Sadly she will not be doing the switchy dance Veronica ha-ha :-) and in true Southern style I will leave her (and her stingy red backside) on show, trapped in the window for all to see already. Oh my, her botty will be stinging to high heaven Veronica.Well deserved too !
Meany mommies are also strict, loving mommies who adjust attitudes when needed Veronica.
strict Mommy Brenda xx