Monday, August 5, 2013

Who wants to lay across my lap???

"Now bring me my hairbrush!"


Anonymous said...

oh I do.....pleeeeeasssse maam.

Anonymous said...

me,me,me pleeeeease maam.

Anonymous said...

Uber sexy Veronica activates her
switch magnet and braces for a
barrage of eager volunteers! ;-)
Bring it on, darlin' !! -JJ

Anonymous said...

I do! The hairbrush is on its way, I have been a very naughty boy. My butt is already tingling just thinking about being across your luscious lap!

Robert Stephens said...

Really.... Where did you come from...? You are the perfect woman! Beautiful and spankable, yet having an appreciation for both sides of the hairbrush. A very lucky man your Tony is.....

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Scott Starr said...

Could you take my temperature? I would then need about forty good smacks. A dream......!!
As always, hot hot hot. Thanks Veronica!
Scott S

Njspank said...

Yes ma'am, here is your brush....please give me a long hard spanking over your amazingly beautiful lap!

Anonymous said...

Veronica you are just outstanding. And so beautiful. Oh yes, I would come over your lap and have my bare bottom spanked long and good.

Anonymous said...

i would love lay across your lap anytime i will make sure i bring 5 hairbrush for you or bring just the one big hairbrush for you to spank me

madison ohio