Monday, September 16, 2013


and boy does she love it!


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The View from the Closet
Zack sat motionless in the closet. He was waiting for the spanking to begin. Beth had told him she was always spanked at 8:00 PM by her uncle. It was a ritual they had without exception. Beth had actually engineered this spanking on purpose. She was an adult now, but her Uncle’s rules were the same as when she had stayed with him in her childhood. If you break the rules of the house you got an otk bare bottom spanking! No ifs, ands, buts, or maybes; you would be spanked. And Beth wanted Zack to witness her spanking, and then be able to touch and feel her thoroughly spanked bottom. She had never experienced that pleasure, and she wanted it. Beth always basked in the afterglow feeling of being spanked, even though the spanking’s hurt like hell. Now she felt dizzy thinking about her lover’s hands and fingers caressing her raw and burning bottom.
Beth’s other plan was for Zack to learn from this spanking. She wanted Zack to spank her, just like her Uncle spanked her. So she had devised this plan to give him an example of how it was done. Zack on the other hand was mystified by his girlfriend’s request, but he was open minded and a person who was willing to experiment. Now, as he watched Beth undress in her most provocative and sensual manner, as she prepared herself for a pre spanking shower, he was aroused and elated. He watched silently as she dressed in a short nightie and matching panties after finishing her shower. Everything now was in place for Zack’s life changing experience.
When Beth’s Uncle walked into the bedroom at 8:00 on the button, Beth’s demeanor changed. She looked like a little girl, who had been naughty and now was about to be spanked for it. He strode over to the bed and motioned Beth to get across his lap. Once across his lap, her Uncle began to lecture his niece like she was a naughty school girl. Telling her she had brought this spanking on herself, and that she was going to have a very sore bottom.
Her Uncle began spanking Beth’s sexy upturned bottom in his usual manner, He always started the spanking slow and over her panties. Initially he spanked with moderate vigor, but as the spanking continued it became much more intense. Zach had a perfect view of her bottom as her uncle slowly lit a fire in his girlfriend’s gorgeous cheeks. He watched in awe as she transformed from an adult to a whimpering, pleading, writhing, kicking, crying child who knows her punishment is merited. And when her Uncle finally pulled down her panties and started applying a hairbrush to her already cherry red cheeks; Beth knew she was going to have a very sore bottom, as her Uncle had promised, and he was good to his word. In a final flurry that left her bottom quivering and crimson, her Uncle stopped the spanking, told her to go stand in the corner, and not to touch her bottom for 15 minutes. He left the room, and shortly after left the house for the night on business.
Zach heard the front door slam and he left the closet. By now Beth was laying face down on her bed, a pillow underneath her roasted bottom. He sat next to her on the bed and began to rub her hair slowly traversing down her back to the glowing cheeks of her bottom. He was amazed at the heat generated by her blistered butt. But he was even more amazed by Beth’s response to his hand. Her hips began to undulate slowly and sensuously. She purred like a kitten as his hands explored every part of her bottom, including her glistening and very wet sex. He understood why Beth had endured the searing and painful spanking from her Uncle. But from now on it would be him taking care of her naughty bottom, and he was looking forward to every minute of it!

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