Monday, September 30, 2013

Another sassy week for me!


Njspank said...

oh my love the panty, beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for mommy Veronica. You look so lush !

Oucheees to tender botties...Veronica, when a naughty lil' daughter needs her bottom smacked in the bedroom, then a lil' pair of cotton panties or jammies have to be pulled down, I'm afraid to say. Mommy will fetch the bottysmacker, which in our house is a whippy, lil' rattan cane - the dreaded switch, same as I was brought up with !
Boo-Hoo for sure Veronica.
You will have to stand up straight, with your hands on your head, while mom pulls your panties down for punishment. Formality is crucial to the brief, baring process. And oh my, you sure will be doing the traditional Southern switch dance when I've finished with you young lady ! Just as I did in the 1960s.

Vernonica, I was raised over twenty years before PC. And oh my, when I as a naughty lil one, my strict but loving mother would pull my cotton shorts and panties down and whip the bare, alabaster-white skin on my bottom with that rattan switch-cane, without any recourse to wishy-washy thinking. She believed in "not sparing the rod" as did our neighbours and indeed most of the other strict, loving moms in the neighbourhood. That was protocol for naughty daughters in Georgia ! For sure, I think you should be treated the same my girl !

In the late 1960s/70s I used to wear conservative, ol' fashioned clothes - albeit very cute. I wore those 1950s style large cotton panties (almost like lil' shorts) ...they were fleecy and snuggy :-) Oh my, it's no wonder mommy always pulled them down for administering the lil' cane ! Quite right too !

I know how you feel Veronica. Umpteen times, I saw my sister standing besides mom with her hands on hear head already, just at the moment when her panties were pulled down to expose her quivering, cotton-white botty ! Sounds funny writing this, but such stern discipline was routine back then. It was unquestioned and essential. Woe betide us if we misbehaved at church. You know what strict Southern moms are like Veronica !!

Years later, in the 1990s I used to recount my spankings to close friends and family. I defended my mother's regime Veronica (she's now in her 80s) Bare botty canings were, yes, harsh, but were also actually harmless. Oh my, Yes, ferociously stingy (which is the point of spanking) but also careful, controlled, and formal on naughty, exposed, sensitive, lil' bare bottoms... and just part of strict, loving, Ol' fashioned, Southern parental, domestic discipline you are about to find out young lady ! Hands on your please Veronica !
Strict Momma Brenda with her switchy-stick xx