Sunday, September 15, 2013

Can't sit down Sunday

The Strap!

Now it's my turn... and revenge is sweet!


Anonymous said...

Revenge can be sweet sexy girl. And sometimes it is good for the spanker to be spanked, if for no other reason than educational. The strap is nice, stingy, and it leaves stripes that can be traced with the finger after the spanking is over. A delightful touch for a fun or erotic spanking! Love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! nice to see you in charge for once....sure he deserved it!

Njspank said...

Amazing.....I just did this today with a friend, but in reverse, I got a nice sound spanking from her and then I returned the favor, we both have trouble sitting this afternoon. You my dear are a beautiful lap!

Mike Pahula said...

would love trip over your sexy smooth soft lap anyhow to feel the wrath of hard miss Veronica hands spanking my buyy