Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday's Spankable

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Anonymous said...

Waiting for hubby has to play the role of my strict father Veronica...and yes, even my stricter mummy too ! Ha-ha...i mean who else is there? :-)

My mother was the chief disciplinarian when I was a naughty little one back in Atlanta in the 1960s. But daddy tended to administer bed time spankings, on returning from work. And woe betide my sister and me Veronica ! Gulp ! Father was tired and cross ( not a good combo... boo-hoo)

I waited in my snuggy pyjamas...scared! Mummy would hand dad the little, rattan cane ("the switch") and sometimes she would watch.

I was ordered to bend over the bed. Unfortunately papa always pulled my jammies down. Although less strict than mom, he still believed in firm punishment and he believed a bare sensitive botty was the only fair and appropriate way for we naughty daughters to receive a smacking. And typical of the1960s !!.
In fairness, the nasty sting was harmless and necessary. Switching on bare skin was safe, controlled and efficient...and effective !! Oucheeeees Veronica ! It was loving but very stern in that peculiar by-gone fashion that you and I have experienced Veronica.

Father said it was "harsh but fair" and had no time for wishy-washy thinking. So it was a tradition in the South (especially in our house) that the fairy -soft, sensitive, pale, skin on our exposed botties was not spared one iota, when a whuppin' was warranted. Indeed "it was provided by God and Nature for naughty lil' girls' punishment" quote my mama ! I recall it as cute but cringing (and almost bizarre looking back)

When older, I agreed with mom n pop . And indeed, sister and I were kept on the road to success with loving and strict discipline. Simply old-fashioned values Veronica.

Thanks. Brenda xx