Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday's spankable

I'm sure she's going to look very pretty in pink!

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Anonymous said...

"Don't spate the rod" when the naughty lil' missy misbehaves Veronica. That's what my strict mommy advocated or at least "don't spare the switch". And growing up in the late 1960s /70s our elderly neighbours preached the same stern family values. When I was very naughty, out came the lil', whippy, thin, botty smacker; and up came my Southern belle Princess dress. And down came my cotton white panties. Bare botty meant maximum sting and maximum safety, as mommy used to say. And she said bare botty meant we would fear a switchin'...and feel a switchin'. Which, oh my, was the whole idea ! Boo-Hoo Veronica. Not fair. I was born twenty years too early for the Naughty Step.

And there was sadly no panties up or down debate in strict Georgia back then Veronica. Certainly not in our house. In retrospect mommy did the right thing, but it took me a few years to admit that to her !! Ha-Ha. Delicious ol' fashioned times. And a cutey photo. Thank you.
Brenda xx