Monday, September 9, 2013

Here I lie...

sobbing after a much deserved spanking and I think about what I did wrong as my bottom burns behind me. Yes I learned my lesson for today but come tomorrow I'll be back to my naughty ways.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for naughty girls, and that is especially true for you sexy girl! Love the photo!
She sobbed softly over his knee. As his hand rested for a moment on her cherry red bottom, he thought about more lustful things than finishing up this naughty girls bottom, but a corrective spanking “is what it is, and must be finished properly as promised.” Her soft voice asked in a pleading tone, “Are you finished yet, Sir." She shuddered as she heard his reply, “I am sorry baby girl, but no, we are not finished.” With renewed vigor he started to spank her again. All that could be heard was the crack of his hand impacting voluptuous buttocks, again and again. When he finally stopped, she was limp and sobbing, as a very naughty girl should be. He lifted her from his lap and stood her upright. Looking into her tear stained eyes he ordered her to go to the bedroom and reflect on her bratty behavior. And as she waddled towards the bedroom, her crimson cheeks on display, with her panties still down around her knees; he stated, “I hope you have learned you lesson.” But in his heart he was sure she had not, and that was fine by him!

Njspank said...

well nice to read you may have learned but doubt it will last long....thankfully for us so we get more pics of your beautiful red bottom.

Baxter said...

there is no way that bottom would not be naughty again tomorrow and beg to be warmed by my hand.

Anonymous said...

Southern 1960s and 70s...bottybelt cities before sunbelt !

Lovely familiar sight for naughty lil' missies Veronica. My sister and I are always fascinated by the societal and faith contrasts between our very strict upbringing in the late 60s and early 70s, and after we left home for Uni in our teens. Sun belt economics replaced botty belt disciplinary values in Atlanta Georgia tee-hee.

Strict parental discipline was emphatic across our girl friends' households. And our mum was stricter than most Gulp ! And older too. Bare bottom spankings (and whuppin's or switchin's) with hairbrushes, paddles, straps et al were part of every day life for our friends in the suburbs. It was effectively like "community enforcement" of naughty lil' girls' punishment. The "little deer with bear behind" paddles in the stores simply told the story Veronica!

I've always said it was more like the traditional 1950s spanking theme (that we all love) in our house when i was a naughty lil' eight or ten year old, or even the 1930s ! Indeed, my grandma was around quite alot to oversee punishment of her grand daughters, just as she had smacked my mom mummy's bare botty used to meet a rattan-cane in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Indeed...there was no change in strict disciplinary values Veronica for when I and my sister were raised...sadly !!! Boohoo ;-(

"Cutting a switch" was a traditional, Southern punishment for naughty girls back then; but my mother installed a permanent switch in the cupboard...easy-access Veronica. Gulp ! It was an ultra- thin, whippy, little rattan cane- perfect for the tender, unclothed botties of naughty lil' daughters!!

When mommy fetched this switch, it was so scary (but I believe that was necessary) and out of strict, loving kindness and stern admonishment, our furious mum always bared our little bums. The sting of the little switch on the fair, sensitive skin on our chubby botties was terrible. But it did no harm and I believe was completely necessary for appropriate punishment.
Yes, we protested as our little cotton panties had to be lowered and our cute Southern belle dresses were raised, but to no avail. Bare botties was guaranteed and was just normal punishment routine as far as mummy was concerned (and obviously Grandma too)

It's incredible to think how strict times were in general, and especially in the South...and especially in our house. I can remember everything and kept a detailed diary which provides fascinating material for my sister and me...and for our husbands to discuss too :-)
Big hugs Veronica. I sooo love reading about your upbringing and thoughts too. And I like to learn more about Japanese domestic discipline...quite similar to Southern States I think !

Thanks. Brenda xx