Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday morning cartoons

Tom and Jerry... on steroids.

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Anonymous said...

Mommy has declared war, Veronica: "C'est La Guerre" this !

It is very cute. And no PC because red skin shows that this is a bare bottom spanking. Not a PC spanking over clothes.
I do not like PC in spanking art Veronica. I like proper strict, loving domestic corporal punishment...on bare bottoms ! That is how I gotten raised. And that is how my two daughters gotten raised.

As a child I liked the very old cartoons and animations (Disney Looney Tunes and comics etc) and showing parental spankings on bare bottoms. That is the only way my sister and me gotten spanked in our childhoods. On bare skin - by mother and with a cane ("switch") !! :-(
Bare botties gotten on show for bath times and whoopings !!

I loved comics as a child. But the 1950s comics gotten very conservative and showed naughty daughters who gotten spanked over clothes, rather than bare skin. This did not reflect reality. Most daughters I knew ( friends !) gotten parental spankings on bare skin, panties pulled down. As it should be ! "Spare the rod spoil the child"

I sooooo love the spanking art that you provide on your amazing blog Veronica, showing naughty daughters like you and me who gotten spanked on a bare backside in childhood by their mothers (and fathers) and never gotten spanked over clothes.

In Europe, the PC brigade seem to have stopped the showing of spanking art, whereas it was common in the 1960s. My German friend who I met in the early 1980s at work (in a large corporation) always keeps me informed about Europe and spanking.

And you keep me informed on Japanese spanking art Veronica....fabulous !!!
My German friend is ten years' older than me (now nearly 70 !) She gotten raised in Germany as a child in the 1950s in a strict religious family. No time-outs for her sadly at home, just the harsh sting of a whippy cane ("Rohrstock") across her bare bottom from her parents. Panties always pulled down, it goes without sating. That was the me and my sister gotten. Sure did none of us any harm.

No need for PC in spanking art Veronica. Just CP !
Love and hugs and spanks xx
Strict Mother Brenda xx