Friday, September 6, 2013

Someone needs a spanking


Robert Stephens said...

I'll get my hairbrush.....

smuccatelli said...

She needs SOMETHING. Not sure a spanking would be my first choice... ;-)

Aunty Andrea said...

Oh yes, I totally agree!

smuccatelli said...

With whom, Aunty?... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Where have all the tan lines gone Veronica ?
Gorgeous girl here. Lovley tan lines ?

Veronica, I still have great tan lines. My hubby loves my big, but gym-toned, snow white ass and the brown sun-tanned, rest of me !

Since year zero I have always associated pronounced girly tan lines (on pale, soft backsides) as part of Southern culture and traditions. As part of growing up in Ol' fashioned Georgia. A typical 1950s/60s environment where spankings were part of "every day" life. Tan lines and spankings went together. So why have tan lines disappeared Veronica ?

As a very fair-skinned outdoor, sporty lil' girl, I went a deep chestnut brown in the Georgia sun. Of course there was one place that did not see the sun, and where the skin was the softest and whitest of all. I had to wear those conservative Ol' fashioned 1950s two-piece swimming costumes (not allowed bikinis !! Our house was very strict) where the bathing suit bottoms gave very broad tan lines, just like The famous Coppertone Girl in the advert with the doggy - a full, lily-white, chubby botty revealed. Not thin tan lines

But Veronica, our cotton-soft, cotton-white bums was also the place where "the rod of correction" was applied. It was the place "provided by God and Nature" for strict, loving punishment by mommy when we were naughty (that's my mom's quote)

Veronica, mom also used to say very cutely, and very sternly that our "botties are always bare at bath times....and spanking times!" Gulp ! So typical of my mother's conservative, strict, home-maker approach as a mom. Oh my, we for sure gotten the "rod" on unclothed bottoms, not clothed bottoms.

Spanking was the only punishment in our house. So in addition to bath times, we saw each other's bare backsides (and cute stark tan lines) a lot when we were naughty. Life was harsh - mommy kept a whippy, lil' rattan switch (the "rod" in Church speak). That is what she tanned our bare behinds with, never her hand ! Oucheeees :-( Mom was fierce and uncompromising. But loving too. Typical of a mom raised in the 1930s. She's in her 80s now. She could be the strictest grandma on Oh my !!

My sisiter and I had the fairest, soft, alabaster-white backsides in Georgia. When my mother pulled down my sister's shorts and panties for a whuppin' with the spoon/hairbrush (early years) or mainly the rattan switch, I thought my sister had another pair of panties on underneath - Because her skin was so soft and white, like the Coppertone girl. Mother often commented on it....before she tanned the fairy-soft skin with her rattan switch and turned it scarlet. My lil' sister squealed !!! It was harmless though Veronica. The "hornets nest" needs to be applied to the sensitive bare skin on naughty bottoms for safety and a necessary sting veronica !

My girl friends also had tan lines. We all did...and they also got smacked on the pale white skin on their botties - with a parental strap, paddles or switch. The "cute little deer with the bear behind" had a snow white backside exposed for that scripted paddle in the stores Veronica !

Bare white backsides and vivid tan lines remind me of a very strict 1960s upbringing of bare bottom canings from mother and a Church- based community where spanking was integral
But I noticed when leaving home as a student/working (late 1970s) that tan lines disappeared as bikinis became skimpier, and nowadays too, as sun-tanning is less popular for health reasons.
Botty tanning and botty burning is also less popular Veronica - more's the pity. Oh my !
Nostalgic Naughty Lil' Brenda xx