Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Spanked After School"

It was 6pm and Veronica still has not come home, she should of been home by 3:30pm but still no sign of her. Her dad called the school and they said that her dismissal was at 2:45pm so where the heck is his daughter??? When father saw his little girl approaching his fears now grew into anger. He knew that she was safe but what excuse will she have for being so tardy? He sat Veronica down and wanted, no demanded an explanation but all she did was cross her arms and pout. It's been a few years since he spanked his daughter and perhaps that was the problem. He knew it had to be done and fast before  she's too far gone. He grabbed her by the arm and sat himself down on the chair and took her over his knee. Yes he knew he was out on the porch but embarrassment is part of spanking. First on her uniform covered bottom then he lifted her dress for a spanking over her panties. Several minutes later her panties where lowered for a sound bare bottom spanking. Yes the school year has just begun and so would the spankings. It's going to be a long and painful year.


JD in Houston said...

Thanks Veronica...schoolgirl spankings are THE BEST!!!

R Humphries said...

As usual absolutely stunning and good old fashioned fun but didn't you know it's bad form to rub? Maybe that's just a Brit thing ... Thanks for you lovely site ... Bottoms Up ... RH

R Humphries said...

Absolutely fabulous collection, very stunning setup, coupled with your inimitable charm ... Didn't you know it's considered bad form to rub or is that just a British thing? ... Bottoms Up ... RH

OldFashionGirl said...

@ R, I do a lot of rubbing, how else will I be able to sit down afterwards? xoxo
Thanks JD..xoxo

Njspank said...

Not sure what is more adorable, your oufit, which is my favorite, your shoes, your panty or your glowing bottom???

Anonymous said...

Quite delightful - more of the same please!