Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Yaaaaay..... Another school year is here!


Anonymous said...

Yes it is naughty one, and you are in trouble again!
The Strict Teacher
I heard Miss Smith order Veronica to the teachers lounge. There was no friendliness or sympathy in her commanding voice. I quietly followed them to the lounge. I had no idea what was going on and what Veronica might have done, but I was going to find out. I heard the two of them talking as I position myself to view the scene. Veronica was holding a paper that I recognized as the test we had taken yesterday. Miss Smith was agitated and her face was flushed. “Veronica, you disappointed me, we had an agreement that you would study hard and pass my test with at least a B.” “Instead you got an F.” “Now it is time to take care of the second part of our agreement.” “I promised to give you a spanking, and that is what I’m about to do.” I was started out of my wits when I heard Miss Smith’s voice; “Tim you can come in here and watch, since you are so keen to see Veronica’s bottom get warmed.” “But understand Tim, if you utter a word about this to anyone, it will be your butt over my knee.” And I knew she meant what she said!
What I witnessed next would stay with me forever. Miss Smith took Veronica’s hand and led her to a comfortable looking sofa. She sat down then pulled Veronica over her knees. She flipped Veronica’s short pleated skirt over her back and exposed her stunning and absolutely gorgeous bottom. The sexy panties she wore did not cover much of her bottom. I was hooked then and there; I knew in my “minds eye” it was me spanking this naughty nymph.
Miss Smith then began to apply stinging swats to Veronica’s upturned bottom. She was extremely experienced. She moved across Veronica’s bottom with vigor and authority. In no time Veronica was wiggling and pleading with Miss Smith to stop. “Veronica, you would not learn your lesson, if I stopped now, and I have to be sure you have.” “Besides I have a surprise for that naughty bottom of yours.” “You will remember this trip over my knee for a long time!” And without giving Veronica a chance to react, she pulled her panties down to her ankles. Almost in the same movement she pulled out a small paddle that was perfect for otk spanking. Miss Smith had the paddle specially made. It was small but formidable; it also had a polyurethane coating. It made the victim’s bottom feel the sting as if it was wet.
The relentless cracking of that paddle as it fell on Veronica’s naked and quivering bottom was eerie. Watching the stern Miss Smith reduce Veronica to sobs and tears; reddening her bottom until both cheeks looked like two giant glowing cherries, seeing Veronica dance and wiggle on her lap, viewing parts of Veronica I never dreamed I would see. The scene was so sexually charged, that I felt myself getting aroused. But Miss Smith seemed oblivious to me; she was concentrating on teaching Veronica’s naughty bottom the lesson she had promised.
When the spanking suddenly stopped, I came out of my dream state to hear Miss Smith tell Veronica to get up and go stand in the corner. “Keep your panties down, and don’t touch your bottom.” “I will tell you when it is ok to rub you bottom, and pull your panties up.” “Do you understand Veronica,” barked Miss Smith. Veronica Softly, through muffed sobs, replied “yes Ma’am.”
Miss Smith’s gaze turned towards me and with a twinkle in her eyes, purringly told me. “I see from the bulge in your pants you enjoyed the show.” Veronica cocked her head, looking at me with a tear stained but smiling face from the corner. “Maybe she needs another round, are you up to it.” What could I say, but damn right I am!

Robert Stephens said...

Mmmmm...... Plaid pleated skirts, knee socks, saddle shoes and soft white blouses..... I just love spanking schoolgirls....!