Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"Big boys cry too!!!"

I don't care if you are a dominant top or head of the house, all guys need to be spanked on occasion. I'm tired of Tony dressing like he's going out to play ball instead of going out to dinner with me! I dress super sexy for him and this is the thanks I get? Some well applied swats across his bottom with the hairbrush ought to teach him how to dress. I spanked his butt so hard that the poor darling jumped off my lap before I was even finished. Back over he went for some more because every woman loves a well dressed man. XoXo


Njspank said...

Well done my dear, yes ma'am we all need a good sound otk spanking, especially if it is over your lovely lap! Terrific post, just love it.
Go Yankees!

Elbo said...

I applaud you. Far too often I see well-dressed women accompanied by slobs and wonder why the women put up with it.