Sunday, October 27, 2013

Can't sit down Sunday

A Sunday school lesson.... OUCH!


smuccatelli said...

Well no wonder you were spanked, young lady! With that outfit, you should be wearing "regulation white" panties, not slutty black ones! Serves you right... ;-)

Njspank said...

And Tony should warm that lovely bottom over those white the outfit.....the brush is getting a lot of use in your home these days!

Anonymous said...

So glad your Sunday school lessons were like mine Veronica ! Ouch. Father is not impressed :-) lovely bum of course. Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos Veronica. As a strict, loving mother raising my two daughters in the 1980s/90s I sure recognize the photo on the right: hairbrush to bare botties !
Although my preferred "rod of correction" was the rubber spatula that I especially purchased for bottom smacking ! At age 8 my daughters graduated to the lil' spanky-stick aka the switch. Again botties always gotten bared, I'm afraid, Veronica. Oh my ! It sure encouraged them to behave ...that sure is the benefit of pulling panties down !

As a child I screamed during corporal punishment because it felt like my mother was actually taking the skin off my botty ! Removing skin layer by layer by layer. But I was wrong. I made a fuss. My poor botty ! My mother spanked with love, Veronica. It was proper Christian, mommy-approved discipline: a bare bottom swithcing of Southern style. I gotten countless switchings over the years. They did me good and I deserved them !

Sister and I always gotten punished with botties bare. God blessed us with fairy-soft, sensitive-skinned. alabaster-white bottoms in our childhood, so protecting them with panties or any clothes during punishment was not logical or fair to very naughty lil' daughters or to poor angry moms already !!! Panties must be pulled down in my book. Period !

It sure focused our minds on good behavior. And showed mommy was boss. The intense sting of the rattan cane on a bare bum was terrible but necessary and harmless. That is the point of CP. I raised my daughters the same CP way, Veronica.
Strict 1980s Mom Brenda xx