Friday, October 25, 2013

Fridays spankable

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Anonymous said...

Mommy's tough love on the place provided by God and Nature
What glorious ass Veronica. I can hear my lil' rattan spanking stick rattling in the cupboard. Mommy is very cross..

"Noooo Mommy. Please. Not the switchy-stick on my bare botty. Nooooo"
" Oh yes young lady. Mommy's switchy-stick on your bare botty. It's the only way already!"

Veronica, I always say to my hubby how lovely, strict and simple domestic life was for me and my sister growing up in Georgia in the 1960s. But there was a big hazard Veronica - namely my mother's rattan switchy-stick. Oh my ! It was the defining feature of yore !

A 1950s style conservative household, where traditional family values and Church faith were e strong, meant there was no naughty step, no PC, no groundings, no time-outs, no tiger moms, no helicopter moms. But oh my, there were strict home-maker, Georgia moms and spanking philosophies galore.

Sister and I were strictly raised under the loving guidance of "not sparing the rod".
When we were naughty with lying or potty-mouthed tantrums, consequences were harsh and simple for a naughty nine-year-old princess. A lil' pair of panties came down and a soft, cotton-white botty got well whipped with momma's switch ! Tantrums over and we did the switchy-dance.

Before we did the switchy-dance our white, cotton panties were pulled back up over our (now no longer cotton-white) backsides and our Ol' fashioned dresses smartened back down. We were given hugs and sent to our room. It was a mom's duty Veronica. And it still is !! Oh my, tender bare botties meeting a nasty lil' rattan switch do make domestic life simple Veronica eh ?!
Strict Mommy Brenda xx