Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday cartoons

This one made me laugh.


Njspank said...

Nice panty spanking with the belt, love it

Anonymous said...

Yes, cartoon 2 is very funny Veronica !
Strap to the bare botty this time Veronica ?
In our house the panties come down. Maybe the castor oil is more preferable. Although it's not a choice I would offer !
I bet her mom got spanked with her panties pulled down on her bare bottom back in the day Veronica. I always did and so did most of my peers in the Atlanta suberbs (strict Ol' Georgia). Yes, the 1960s for we baby boomers was the era of "the cute little deer with the bear behind". And we girls still talk about it now. In my case, and my lil' sister's, a very strict upbringing as a lil' girl did not (thankfully) involve castor oil or soap in my mouth from my mom. But it did involve the smack of a rattan cane on my bare, fairest-white backside ! That was a normal part of family values, faith and guidance Veronica.
Naughty Brenda xx