Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday morning cartoons

Cartoon network presents...


Njspank said...

Nice spankings, thanks

Anonymous said...

So love cartoon 2, Veronica - two cute, lovely, adorable lil' sisters and one very strict, loving, kind, no-nonsense mom !

That sure describes our house, growing up in the 1960s. As you know Veronica, my sister and me gotten our spanking experiences framed by watching each other get spanked my mom. And getting spanked together, naturally !

We were fair-skinned girls with golden sun tans and very stark, major tan-lines ! My lil' sister had the softest, lily-white botty in Georgia. Yes, I gotten to see her alabaster-white bum at bath times...and also at spanking times ! Gulp !
Mother always bared our bottoms for punishment. No fuss. Panties gotten pulled down (for the cane !) as a matter of routine - "spare the rod, spoil the child" was the strict doctrine. And it was common in many households in our community too.

Watching my sister get punished was scary but exciting. We sisters still talk about it regularly now. And friends too. That culture lives on for Southern girls in our late 50s !!
Spankings were formal and colorful. Oh my, I would watch the fairest-white skin on my sister's chubby botty go from snow white to rose red. The sound of the hairbrush or rattan switch on bare skin. And my sister's screams already ! Oh my ! She made a fuss. But spankings were harmless and a necessary part of growing up. In the early 1960s, it was over mom's knee.

Then when I was eight, the hairbrush and wooden spoon ended. And we gotten the flexible rattan switch. Gulp ! So we gotten our pudgy, bare botties bent over the sofa for a whipping :-(
Big scary humbling. Big nasty sting Veronica ! Yes, mommy was meany. But a kind, caring meany !

We never gotten switched naked. Just with shorts and panties pulled down to our knees to expose sensitive, bare white botty skin - quite right too. It's the only way. On the special place. I am a CP mom, not a PC mom Veronica !

I've always craved spanking art since my childhood. I loved those 1950s comics where spanking was just normal. I believe it sure is normal Veronica !

I like both reality and fantasy art that show realistic, mother/daughter domestic scenarios. Bare botty too. Not spankings over clothes. I never gotten none of those !!
Such strict, loving art reflects my real-life experiences for sister and me growing up in Georgia with a strict, Christian mother in the 1960s !
Naughty Lil' Nostalguc Brenda xx