Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"The Provacitive Dress"

Okay guys, how many of you out there will allow your girlfriend or wife to wear a sexy and provocative outfit? I don't mean her wearing something sexy just in the bedroom but to wear it outside to dinner or for a wedding or some sort of family function. What if you tell her to take it off and she said no... would you spank her or just not go out with her or give in? All guys want their ladies to dress sexy for them but once she's out in public shaking her ass and getting loads of male attention are you just going to be a wuss and give in?  All these guys looking at your princess with only one thing on their minds!!! Well last week I spanked Tony for dressing like a slob, we ladies hate that and I know that Tony hates when I dress too provocatively. Now it's my turn to go over Tony's knee for a lengthy hairbrush spanking and you all get to watch!


Njspank said...

Sweet, provocative dress and no panty equals a sound brushing on your beautiful bottom! Love the shoes, totally. Love the red bottom from the spanking!

Anonymous said...

Going in that dress, a spanking is definitely in order . I prefer (classy) sexy to provocative.