Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Best Friends Forever"


Robert Stephens said...

A pre spanking lecture, anticipation of the first smack, the agony of her prediciment...... Perfect!

Anastasia Vitsky said...

Wow, did you do these yourself?

OldFashionGirl said...

@ Anastasia: No just a nice internet find. xoxo

Njspank said...

And what are friends it, thanks

Anonymous said...

Big spanks from her friend ,

Anonymous said...

Wonderful art work of you over mommy's knee Veronica. As it should be !
The age of the "cute lil' deer with the bear behind" seems like yesterday Veronica. I remember my mother showing me the paddles in the store in the 1960s ! Scary for sure.
We lil' girls talked about our spankings a lot. It was simply the culture at the time. Especially in strict Georgia state ! Our moms also talked openly about disciplining misbehaving daughters, and in conclusion a variety of hairbrushes, Southern straps, paddles and the off slipper were administered to the tender, bare behinds on my girl friend peers. Plus the Southern tradition of some lil' daughters having to "cut a switch" in the garden. Domestic whuppin's were embedded in community thinking and practise. Discipline was also integrated into religious beliefs, faith, social mores and ol' fashioned family values.
My sister and I had a very strict upbringing. Even for that era!! And especially by today's standards.
Mother wanted her daughters to be very strictly raised, especially because our father was away on work. Mommy wanted complete control, order and discipline - exactly as she was raised by grandma in the 1930s. Not much had changed (apart from a moon landing !! HaHa)
Mommy kept a nasty , whippy, thin cane in the cupboard. This dreaded, lil', rattan "switch" (Georgia speak) was really scary because mother always pulled our panties down so we would take it seriously Veronica!! That's simply how s spanking was administered in our house back then.
In fairness, a switchin' was safe and harmless, but the sting on our bare botties was terrible. But then that's the whole point of a spanking for a naughty lil' girl like me.
I have subsequently always supported my mom's ol' fashioned medicine Veronica, if perhaps not when I was growing up in those strict 1960s ! My lil' sister agrees with me (and mommy too)
Brenda xx