Thursday, November 7, 2013

Classroom discipline in the 1800's


Anonymous said...

Wonderful...and also domestic discipline in the 1970s ! Okay, our strict pop used a thin , bendy, switch-cane. But yeah, otherwise this is certainly my sister and me - with our botties bare for sure. That was just normal. Every time ! Ouchee. Brenda x

Anonymous said...

"Spare the rod spoil the child" auto-biography Veronica !

I gotten to see this wonderful video again Veronica - Oh my, one of my favourite videos. I sure feel the stern, parental context of this ! Yes, it is 1800s oriented, but the strict, loving, conservative and "religious" aspects of this video are for sure in line with the tone and context of my 1950s strict family upbringing. This video shows realistic corporal punishment without flamboyance or nonsense. It rings true to me in a 1950s context Veronica- the time and context I was raised as a child ! Don't spare the rod already.

In the early 1960s, light years before PC, corporal punishment was just a normal part of a happy childhood for me. And for many of my peers/friends in the Georgia suburbs. My mother had very strict, Christian, traditional values and "the rod" (on the bare !) was a constant feature for me growing up. This video stings my bum veronica !

Historical context-- my mommy gotten her bare bottom caned ( a "switching" with rattan) in the 1930s/40s and then as a mother, ensured the same punishment was given to her two daughters (me and lil' sis !) in the 1960s. And for sure, my grandma would oversee and encourage this harsh medicine. Me and sis are in this video Veronica !

Corporal punishment was constantly discussed in an open fashion in our house (as a threat and a philosophy of family values and was frequently administered to me and my sister. We feared and felt it. Oh my !

The process was scary and formal. It took place in the living room in the day or in the bedroom in our pyjamas. This video brings back memories. Corporal punishment was administered by our mom (usually) on the bare skin of our bottoms - without exception. Mother always used an implement so we gotten to feel the sting on bare skin. Our white cotton panties were pulled down to our knees (never removed !) We bent over the sofa. This video captures the essence Veronica !

The "bottysmacker" was the hairbrush and wooden spoon, in the early years, but chiefly (from aged 8) we gotten the flexible, rattan switch over the years at home. It stung our bare botties to high heaven. That was the idea. Terrible ! We gotten to call it the "hornets nest".

Bare botties did seem logical/appropriate to me when naughty as a lil' girl. Mother insisted on it. Quite right - it was punishment and all !! The exposed, ultra-white, ultra-sensitive skin on my chubby backside was sure a place for parental punishment - "provided by God and Nature" for that very purpose. Why should I deserve protective coverings (aka underpanties) when I needed my backside switching Veronica ?!

As a naughty daughter (and a strict mom) I know panties down is the only way for smacked botties for daughters. Oh my !! As we both know, a stinging bum is harmless and a bare bottom switching is safe, humble and effective....again this video shows the benefits to naughty daughters in a retro-style Veronica !

Veronica, you will not be surpised to know that I recovered from those bare botty canings ! ha-ha. They sure did me good. I am a happy, successful, married, strict loving mom, a strict Ol' fashioned disciplinarian and a hard-working home-maker and business lady in my fifties. My sister has likewise recovered from the "rod of correction" across her bare, lily-white backside in her childhood Veronica ! Oh my, we still thanks our mother for our lessons and our strict, conservative Southern culture and values.

The 1960s was soooo long ago. But the memories and sting of mother's switchy-cane (!!) are forever. This video sure does capture the non PC, Ol' fashioned, parental corporal punishment that was normal in or house and community in that 1950s era.
We gotten to write about spankings in our our princess diaries, decades ago, back in the day. A long time before we gotten to leave home as students in the 1970s.

Nostalgic Strict Mommy Brenda xx