Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday's Spankable


Baxter said...

that is a very sexy bottom, very spankable.

Anonymous said...

Veronica, my autobiography is called "the Lil' deer with the bear behind" :-) or maybe "it wasn't your panties that misbehaved Brenda"...

My younger sister and I vividly recall mummy telling us about the "Lil' deer/bear behind" and showed us the paddles in the store ! These maternal edicts also cutely but sternly told we daughters that the sensitive skin on our botties was provided by God and Nature for strict and loving discipline from mummy. Gulp !!

Veronica, as a lil' girl, i thought the State of Georgia was sanctioning domestic discipline, to be administered by my mom. Hence the paddles in store !

My mom was the archetypal strict 1950s' mother (beloved of the spanking genre) although it was actually the late 1960s/early 70s. In fact, it felt like the 1930s in our house regarding whuppin' s !

Holding mom's hand in the mall, I recall her telling other moms about the lil' rattan switch in the cupboard. And how, when I was very naughty, she always ignored my crying protests, pulled my panties down and administered it to my bare botty. Very effective, but harmless ! No embarrassment for her (cringing for me) and so strict. Bare botties was guaranteed for sister and me for a caning in the privacy of our home, and mommy's phrase "it's the only way" was common. Just a strict, loving mummy's duty Veronica !

Later in life, I found Nu West and Debbie / mother sketches so compelling: very realistic and nostalgic.

Spankings (usually bare bottom) were embedded in the social mores and family values within our Southern community back then. My girly friends and sister still nostalgically talk about it today. The golden age Veronica :-)
Thanks Brenda xx